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Great News.!! Now You Can Contribute Your Guest Posts To Technology Hunger: Technology Write For Us – We are happy to announce that Technology Hunger is now available to accept guest posts. We welcome all our guest posts in the following areas like Technology, Business, Marketing, Finance, and Gadgets, Mobile Apps.

Note: We will be glad to review your product and its specifications, reach out to us. We will publish a detailed review of your product on our Website

Feel free to reach us on: technologyhunger1@gmail.com

Articles And Categories We Invite

If you are looking to reach out wider range of audiences all around the world who are interested in finding the wonderful digital content,You can visit our website.

If you in search of Write For Us Technology, Tech Write For Us, Tech Blog Write For Us, Technology Write For Us, Write For Us Gadgets, Write For Us Information Technology, then you have visited to the right blog.

Technology Write For Us to Technology Hunger is a platform that helps and enhances many content experts in Digital Marketing, Business Strategies, experts in Content Marketing, Online Marketing experts, Email Marketing experts, also specialists in  Artificial Intelligence, Intenet Of Things, Cloud Technologies, Network, Telecom and other similar technologies  and technology professionals are always welcome to Technology Hunger.  

Technology Hunger offers many tech bloggers with Write for us technology posts and can promote their articles with good and Unique Quality content.You can always share your views, thoughts and articles that are related to the following categories

Topics You Can Opt For Guest Posting:

You Can Pick Any Of The Below Topics – Write For Us Technology

Technology – Write For Us:

  • (IT) Information Technology, Big Data, Data Science
  • (AI) Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, DevOps
  • (IoT) Internet of Things, Cloud Computing
  • (ML) Machine learning, Deep Learning (DL)
  • (VR) Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality (AR)
  • (SOC) Security Operations Center, Cyber Security

Telecom – Write For Us:

  • Telecommunications and latest Technology & Networks
  • Telecom, 4G, 5G, VoLTE, VOIP, LTE, 4G LTE
  • Routers, Enterprise Networks, Mobility Services
  • Cables, VPN, LAN, WAN, Managed Services 
  • Network Security & Firewall
  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Wireless Technology
  • Network Compliance

Business & Finance – Write For Us:

  • Business Strategies and Entrepreneurship
  • Business Ideas and Business News and Updates
  • Corporate Finance, Stock Updates
  • NSE – National Stock Exchange, Stock Broking
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Financial Modules and Financial Data
  • Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Dogecoin

Marketing – Write For Us:

  • Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing
  • SEO, SEM, Mobile Marketing, Local & Retail Retail Marketing
  • Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Traditional Marketing
  • Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Analytics
  • Advertising, Brand Management, Google Adwords, Social Ads
  • Website Promotions, B2B Marketing and B2C Marketing
  • Marketing Strategies, Tactics, Trends, Tips & Tricks

Gadgets – Write For Us:

  • Smart Phones, Smart Tv’s, Watches, Tablets, Laptops, PC’s
  • Tech updates every day and Gadget, Reviews
  • Latest product launch and specifications
  • Printers, Scanners, Routers and Projectors, Speakers
  • Unboxing Reviews and Expert Opinions
  • Specifications, Reviews, Ratings, and Comparisons on the latest release

Here Is The Way For You To Become A Contributor To Technology Hunger

There are few categories that you need to know Predominantly:

  • The Process To Submit An Article
  • Guidelines To Be Followed To Publish An Article
  • Terms Related To Our Blog

The Process To Submit An Article

It is quite obvious for you to meet our guidelines explained above, which makes it easy for you to initiate the process to submit your article with the option  Write For Us Technology

We will be glad to receive your content for Technology Hunger. Ensure the subject line of your guest post mail includes the phrase “Guest Post at Technology Hunger” and brief us about yourself.

For any further queries regarding guest posting at Technology Hunger, do not hesitate to connect us via technologyhunger1@gmail.com and we will revert with all the details required and respond to your requests within no time.

Note: If you are willing to become a regular contributor at Technology Hunger, We are happy to welcome all your valuable and unique content.

Guidelines To Be Followed To Publish An Article

Article Size: The Article that we receive should be more than 500 words and can go up to 1500 words or less

Uniqueness: The Article should be Unique as we do not encourage articles that were published already on other websites and a strict “NO” to plagiarism content

Alignment: The Article alignment helps to enhance your post beautifully, So we suggest the article with proper placement of Headings and Subheadings (with H1, H2, & H3 Tags)

Errors Occur: We do come across many content’s/posts that are grammatically incorrect, here is why we suggest you check your content on Grammarly in order to overcome the Errors that Occur

Picture Perfect: We accept HQ images of 1200 x 800  pixels So that you can add a picture that perfectly suits your content

After receiving the Guest Post, Our Content Review Team will evaluate thoroughly and check whether your article is meeting our guidelines or not. If the article justifies all our guidelines then it will be sent to our Publishing team

Our Publishing team will schedule the article to post, Once after getting confirmation from the review team, the scheduled article will be published. After publishing, the Link of that article will be sent to the review team and they check the Alignment of content, Link placement, SEO guidelines If everything falls in the right place, the Article link will be shared with you

FAQs By Our Clients

What Are The Types Of Articles You Accept?

We accept all types of articles that are relevant to our blog like (Technology, Gadgets, Business, Marketing, and Applications)

How Do I Know That My Article Is Published?

We will be sending you an email regarding the update, Once your article is published. Also, we do share the live URL of the article

Do I Have Any Chance To Become An Author Of Your Blog?

Yes you can, If you are a regular contributor with valued and Unique content

What Is The Duration Of My Article?

The article which is published will remain permanently on our website. It will be removed if you provide the same article which was already published on another website

What Is The Word Count To Submit An Article?

The minimum Article size should not be less than 500 words. Ensure your word count by more than 500 to be ranked better

Ways To Contact Us:

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There are many other Categories, you can add along with this query

  • “Write for us” Technology
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Happy Writing

Here you are!! You can share your thoughts, ideas, and anything that is relevant to the list mentioned above. You can happily write to us By using our option Technology Write For Us

Technology Hunger is open to reaching out for any ideas, inquiries, and suggestions. Write for us – Our team will revert you ASAP

Just mail us at: technologyhunger1@gmail.com