7 Software Security Trends For 2021

Software Security

Experts from Checkmarx have published forecasts for the security of applications for the current year. Let’s see what experts advise to pay attention to.

Security Will Try To Catch Up With The Development

Developing quickly and meeting all safety standards is something many strive for, but not all. Often, the company believes that if a problem is found, it is enough to roll back to the previous version. But this will not work with security: rollback will most likely not fix the vulnerability and add new ones.

Therefore, experts believe this year will be a popular tool for scanning application security, quickly identifying vulnerabilities, including in the cloud, and allowing developers to fix them immediately.

It Is Worth Choosing Proven Open-Source Tools

Existing automated solutions help find vulnerabilities that developers have accidentally admitted. However, they are not very helpful in cases where the code is initially written as malicious because attackers deliberately disguise it. Experts recommend using well-known and mature third-party components and trying to avoid unknown new products.

You Need To Study Infrastructure As Code (IaC)

In the past year, many companies have accelerated their transition to the cloud and changed infrastructure. They often used IaC tools, but many developers had to master this technology on the go without receiving full training due to the rush.

Experts believe that this is the root of many security issues that will have to be addressed in 2021. Attackers will exploit developer bugs, and developers should learn IaC best practices to improve security in the cloud.

Security Will Be Integrated Into Development

The accelerating pace of development is forcing programmers to pay less attention to product security. They don’t have time to work with development and security tools at the same time.

To improve the situation, you need to integrate security tools into the development chain so that programmers do not have to spend too much time on them.

Interest In Cloud Security Is Growing

Containers, orchestration, and APIs have become commonplace in software development, and companies integrate various productivity tools. But each integration increases the system’s vulnerability, so an increased interest in cloud security is expected in 2021.

Attacks On Vulnerable APIs

While API security has improved over the past few years, it will remain one of the primary attack vectors. Tasks like access control pose problems for developers because fixing all possible vulnerabilities is a difficult task. As attackers escalate their attacks on APIs, companies will look for ways to defend themselves better.

Attacks On Old IoT Devices

Users are in no hurry to abandon old but working IoT devices. And manufacturers eventually cease to support them and update software, giving preference to new models. Older models tend to find vulnerabilities and other security issues over time and attract attackers.

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