What To Do With Digital Sales In 2022

Digital Sales

How does the consumer use online services, and what habits should entrepreneurs consider? We talked about this with our friends from the Colable project, inspiring brands to implement creative solutions. The project includes strategists, marketers, and creatives from the best Russian agencies. The head of Colable Nikita Markelov tells.

What Consumption Trends In The Digital Sphere Would You Call The Main Ones Now? What Do Businesses Need To Consider?

The consumer buys time, not a product. Thanks to the active development of the digital environment, the consumer has formed a need for the speed of getting what he needs. Whether it’s new relevant information or a service, I want it here and now. Coffee and snacks on the run, taxis, online training, cleaning, food delivery – all this is a time saver in the modern world, which means convenience.

Consumer Rationality

The economic crisis and pandemics, as well as a limitless range of services, are forcing consumers to look for price-quality matches. Retailers are accustomed to Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday sales, and if there is no discount today in their favorite store, they will find it in another.

To not lose their consumers, brands need to maintain price competition and take into account the peculiarities of their style and lifestyle.

What New Trends In Online Consumer Behavior Should Businesses Take Into Account?

First of all, it is necessary to consider how the modern consumer perceives information.

We can watch the series, scroll through stories and reply to direct messages simultaneously. There is no time left for “reading” and reflection in such conditions. Any message should contain a ready-made emotional experience, whether surprise, joy, care or help.

Time is more valuable than money, and the trend is instant results from actions. It is essential for brands not to forget about prompt feedback and be on the same wavelength as the consumer.

An excellent example is the communication of employees of online support chats for Russian banks. With questions about loans and debit cards, users wrote lines from modern tracks in the chat, hoping that employees would “support” and sing along. This is what is needed now. To be closer and more, to be a friend. Today this is more relevant than ever.

How To Attract The Buyer’s Attention To Entrepreneurs Who Start A Business In The Creative/Social/Technological Field?

Business is all about growth and scaling. Don’t be afraid to join

great teams. At first glance, it may seem that we are too different and to create an excellent product is an idea on the verge of a foul. A diaper brand and a bank? Or maybe some training courses? Yes!

If your brands’ values overlap, then the product that will result from your collaboration will be an effective way to attract the attention of an audience – both new and existing. Such a partnership solves many other problems:

  • Creating a powerful newsbreak, rapidly growing knowledge about your brand
  • Entering new markets
  • Even saving your budget

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