Will You Receive Cashback Via A QR Code? Can I Find Out My Card Details Using It?

QR Code

And five more doubts about the most hyped payment method right now.

During the first half of last year, Russians began to pay using QR codes five times more often. Today, codes are accepted at 1.6 million Sber terminals throughout the country.

Because the technology has spread quickly and become a de facto necessity following the demise of Apple Pay and Google Pay, questions remain about how to use it. Using SberPay payments as an example, we answer the most common ones.

Payment By QR Code Takes A Long Time.

No, that’s not true. To pay at the checkout, you need to take only four steps:

  • Open the camera on your phone.
  • Point it at the QR code.
  • Follow the link.
  • Click “Pay”.

After payment, you receive a paper or electronic check – everything works like a plastic card.

QR Codes Are Not Accepted Everywhere.

Now, Sber has 1.6 million terminals throughout Russia – in shops, cafes and restaurants, beauty salons, and even food stalls. Their number is growing – soon, it will be possible to pay using a QR code in all Sber terminals.

To Use QR Codes, You Need To Install A Separate Application.

No, everything can be done in the interface of your bank. To pay using a QR code, an already installed Sber application or any of the eight partner banks of the SberPay system is enough. After pointing the camera at the QR code, you will be redirected to payment. More than 9 million users pay for purchases using QR codes every month.

QR Code Purchases Cannot Be Canceled.

Refunds using a QR code follow the same rules as when paying by card. You won’t have to scan the code again.

Cashback Is Not Awarded For Payment Using A QR Code.

They accrue. For example, after any purchase through SberPay, the user receives “SberThanks” bonuses, and if the payment is made in a partner’s application, then cashback from this bank. Cashback is not credited if you pay for a purchase using a QR code through the Fast Payment System.

You Cannot Pay With A Credit Card Using A QR Code.

When scanning the QR code, choose where to withdraw money from – from a regular card or a credit card. If you pay for a purchase using a QR code through the Fast Payment System, you will not be able to do this with a credit card.

Payment By QR Is Less Secure Than By Card.

Last year, fraud using ATMs or terminals increased by almost 50 thousand. Fraudsters obtain card details through terminals at the checkout. When paying using a QR code, you scan it yourself, which means no one can see your card or the data on it.

When paying using a QR code from Sber, your bank card and account number remain within your bank – confidential data is not transferred to third parties. Before sending the transfer, you will see who will receive the money. The payment receipt will be available in the banking application in the payment history.

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