All You Want To Know About Bitcoin Prime

Bitcoin Prime

Trading cryptocurrency is one of the best and fastest ways to earn money in the present time. This trading market has a huge potential for investors and people are going to invest their savings in this digital currency every day. But it would be a nightmare for you if you do not know much about it and then go for a manual trading option. A slight jerk in the value of cryptocurrency may be enough to lose your whole investment. This is the time when an automated crypto trading robot can do this work for you on your behalf to earn a confirmed profit in every trade.

Which One Is The Best Crypto Trading Robot?

There are several autonomous robots available online that can trade even in your absence as well. But to find the best is the main issue because you cannot have any idea about software until you personally use it. This method will be time-consuming and you may bring your investment to risk by personally checking the accuracy of the software.

Bitcoin Prime is the best-automated crypto trading software that claims a win rate of more than 90%. This robot is designed by using the newest AI technologies and different algorithms so that it can better understand the pattern of the crypto market and process data quickly to predict something useful in real-time. The huge win rate is telling everything about its accuracy and effectiveness.

In this short article, you will find everything you want to know about Bitcoin Prime in detail.

Fees And Commission

Bitcoin Prime does not have any registration, deposit, or trading fee at all. This platform also does not impose any hidden charges. Only profitable accounts will pay a minor 2% as a commission amount for their profit. If your account has yet to earn money, you will not be charged with any trading fee at all.

Minimum Deposit

Bitcoin Prime has a minimum deposit limit of $250 only. You can start trading with this little amount and can make your account a bit bigger by adding funds time by time. You will be dealt with the same respect as the other account holder with a huge amount will be.

Withdrawal Time

If you want to withdraw your profit or your whole investment, you will not have to wait for long. Bitcoin Prime will transfer your amount into your Bank account within 24hours after hitting withdraw option. There will be no chance to be delayed at all.

Demo Account

The platform offers you to have more faith in Bitcoin Prime’s robot by operating a demo account for some days. In this account, you will be given an opportunity to trade in the real market by using virtual money without troubling your investment. This will help you to understand the pattern of value and some other aspects of the robot as well.

Withdrawal Fees

Bitcoin Prime offers up to 10 free withdrawals per month. If you go for the 11th or so on, you will be charged minor withdrawal fees.

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