Beats Fit Pro: 3 New Colors For The Same Price

Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro in-ear headphones are available in three new colors, Marea Blue, Coral Pink, and Lightning Yellow

Beats, founded by rapper Dr. Dre and then acquired by Apple in 2014, refreshed the range with three new colors for its very popular (and expensive) Beats Fit Pro wireless headphones. The three new colors add to the existing black, white, gray, and purple and are also available in Italy. Apart from the color, nothing changes compared to the Fit Pro already in the price list: same (excellent) technical data sheet and same (salty) selling price.

Beats Fit Pro: Technical Characteristics

Beats Fit Pro headphones are designed to offer a complete and comfortable listening experience thanks to the design that easily adapts to any ear.

They are in-ear type earphones, i.e., they have a rubber pad that fits into the ear and hooks onto the pavilion thanks to the soft flap. The audio quality comes from the Apple H1 chip (the same as AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro) and the high-quality transducer, which produces a clean and crystalline sound with minimal distortions.

The data sheet includes two critical functions, active noise cancellation (ANC) and transparency mode. So it is possible to completely isolate yourself from external noise while making a call or listening to music. Still, if necessary, you can go back to listening to what is happening around us without removing the headphones from your ears.

If we deactivate ANC and transparency mode, we can listen to sounds with adaptive equalization. This particular Apple technology detects sounds and reports them through the microphones facing the inside of the auricle in an optimized manner based on the shape of the ear.

The optical sensors, on the other hand, are used to automatically start or pause sound playback automatically when we insert or remove the Beats Fit Pro headphones in the ear.

Furthermore, thanks to the robotic head position detection technology, the sound flow remains constant and is not affected by any sudden changes. For example, when we are riding a bicycle.

Finally, the autonomy is 18 hours with the charging case, which drops to 6 hours with ANC activated and the headphones battery alone. The 5-minute quick charge gives you an extra hour of listening.

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Beats Fit Pro: Colors And Prices

The colors of the new Beats Fit Pro earphones are three: Blu Marea, Rosa Corallo, and Giallo Saetta. They will undoubtedly appeal to those users who love solid and decisive colors. The price always remains the same for top-of-the-range headphones: 249.95 euros.
Those who are not interested in the new colors but yes in the headphones will instead be able to take advantage of the excellent discount currently available on all the other colors: the Beats Fit Pro headphones are on offer with a price that goes down to 174.99 euros (-30 %, -74 euros).

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