Fake News: Google Will Warn Users If The Site Is Unreliable

Fake News

Google returns to fight fake news and disinformation with a new function: it will notify users if the information comes from a reliable site or not

Against fake news, Google takes on heavy artillery and stops the unstoppable wave of fake news; the search engine will now allow users to understand whether the information sought comes from a reliable source or not by reporting what has adequately not been verified.

The new feature was announced by Google on the company’s blog, underlining the importance of counting on correct and reliable news. Therefore, Big G has decided to update its systems to be able to act promptly, especially on breaking news that monopolizes the information system in a few moments and which are more challenging to control than in-depth studies and “cold topics.”. ” So, in the case of sources not yet placed under the magnifying glass, Big G will affix an anti-poof branding, keeping readers’ attention high.

Fake News And Google, How The Warning Works

To stem the problem of fake news with an iron fist, Google has therefore chosen to show a notice that will highlight the particular characteristic of the theme: just published and, consequently, incomplete evolution. Can know fake news, a wording will signal the user to carry out further subsequent consultations, when more sources may be available to deepen – and verify – the integrity of the statements.

“It seems that these results are changing rapidly,” reads the box in English that appears at the top of the search page in the areas where the feature is already active. “If this topic is new, it can sometimes take some time for results to be added from reliable sources,” is Big G’s warning to readers.

With a simple but helpful expedient, users will know they can come across news that is not necessarily clear and crystalline. It is an eventuality that in the past has also managed to influence events of great importance, including the 2016 US presidential elections.

Fake News And Google, When The Alert Will Arrive

As anticipated, the function has already been integrated into the results, but, for the moment, it exclusively involves searches carried out in English and the United States. Don’t worry, though: Google has confirmed that over the next few months, once the run-in has been completed, the service will extend its range of action, reaching the rest of the world for greater effectiveness.

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