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A Challenging But Fair Farewell: Here Are The Reasons That Led Jack Dorsey, CEO Of Twitter, To Leave The Most Critical Role With In The Social Network

It’s time for greetings inside Twitter HQ. The company CEO, Jack Dorsey, who has been at the company’s helm for 16 years, resigned and left his chair just a few hours ago. What were the reasons that prompted the number 1 of the chirp platform to say goodbye?

For some days now, the rumours about the possible abandonment of Dorsey have been running around on the web and outside; the confirmation, however, came from the person concerned through a tweet published on his profile on the social network.

After a very long period in the top position of the social network, founded in 2006 together with Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams, Dorsey has decided to leave in favour of Parag Agrawal, Chief Technology Officer of the company. The former CEO remains the seat at the Board of directors’ table, at least until the meeting with the shareholders scheduled for 2022 when he will also abandon the other position he held.

Twitter, Why Did Jack Dorsey Say Goodbye?

According to initial statements, Dorsey would not have left his position as CEO due to internal issues with the company. Indeed, under his leadership Twitter has achieved many of the goals in the program, starting with the economic ones. As confirmed by the former boss himself, behind the decision, there would be mainly a strong will to face new challenges outside the company.

In the message, the former CEO underlined his opposition to seeing one of the company’s co-founders in the command post. It would be an extremely limiting choice, almost a recipe capable of leading straight to failure. On the other hand, the change in driving would represent the right choice to give new lifeblood, for three fundamental reasons.

The first reason would be to look for the person who is about to climb the top step of Twitter: Agrawal, as confirmed in the letter shown in the tweet of greetings from the now-former number 1, would have contributed to the main choices that have influenced the path of Twitter. . A curious, creative and rational person, able to fill the role in an excellent way for Dorsey.

To this, then, is added the second reason: the presence of Bret Taylor on the Board of directors. His would be a vital role within the group: not only would the co-creator of Google Maps and Friendfeed be gifted with excellent entrepreneurial skills, but – recalled Dorsey – he would be above all an engineer with a more enlightened vision than other members of the table on purely technological aspects.

Third reason: users 

For Dorsey, the third reason would be the vast audience of subscribers who will only be able to benefit from the decisions that, in the future, will be examined by Agrawal and Taylor. It was a decidedly sentimental motivation, but understandable given the close link between the company and one of its parents who could bring it to the success that today distinguishes it.

Finally, behind the departure of Dorsey’s a fourth reason, said the former CEO of Twitter you want to concentrate on his other company, i.e. Square Inc . Square develops software and hardware solutions for digital payments via mobile devices, a sector that during the most challenging months of the pandemic has become even more strategic for the global economy and which will only grow further in the coming years. Dorsey has propelled Twitter by placing his loyal followers in critical places; now, he has more time to grow Square.

Twitter, A Growing Success

Of course, repeating Dorsey’s success will be difficult. The latest economic data from Twitter are precise: the second quarter of 2021 achieved economic growth of 74% compared to the same period of the previous year, going from 683 million to 1.19 billion dollars in a period in which many companies have had to deal with the difficulties associated with the pandemic. Not to mention advertising: 87% increase in earnings in one year, between 2020 and 2021

What will Agrawal’s numbers be?

It is too early to do the math in the pocket of the new CEO, but the foundations for success are already there, given that the objectives for the next two years are already known, and work is already being done to achieve them. Indeed, the road is long but, with the support of Dorsey, even if from a more secluded position, no goal will be impossible for the chirping platform.

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