Windows 10, The Official Announcement: When The New Generation Arrives


Microsoft invites journalists to an online event attended by CEO Satya Nadella and the head of the Surface range Panos Panai: new Windows coming?

Microsoft held its annual Build Developer Conference online and made an announcement that was a bit cryptic but considered by many to be very important: “ a new generation of Windows ” is on its way. From words to deeds: Microsoft has sent the press an invitation for an online conference to be held on June 24.

That the conference will be an opportunity to understand where Microsoft Windows will go in the next 10 years is confirmed by two names and surnames: Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, and Panos Panay, head of the Surface division (laptops and innovative Windows devices).

Both bigwigs of the Redmond giant will be present at the meeting, a sign that something very important will be announced. What, exactly, nobody knows especially because Microsoft still holds a dominant share of the market for desktop and laptop operating systems, but for several years it has been in evident trouble in the face of the new one that advances.

After closing the short experience of Windows Mobile (2010-2014) and having probably archived the new Windows 10X for dual-screen devices, it is by no means possible to make realistic predictions about what exactly Microsoft will present on June 24th.

New Windows, The Words Of Microsoft

This being the case, therefore, we can only re-read the words spoken by Satya Nadella during Build 2021: ” We will soon share one of the most significant Windows updates of the last decade, in order to increase the revenue opportunities for developers and creators. I’ve been following it closely over the past few months and am very excited about the next generation of Windows “.

Nadella, however, also specified that the new generation of Windows will serve to ” create more opportunities for each developer who uses Windows and we will welcome anyone with ideas and who is looking for an innovative and open platform to create, distribute and monetize applications “.

This is why many have read something different between the lines: more than a new Windows, a new Microsoft Store would be on the way, perhaps more integrated with the operating system, through which those who develop apps for Windows can find greater sources of income. Perhaps even with lower commissions than in the past.

It Won’t Be Windows 10X

Until last month, Microsoft was still officially developing a new operating system: Windows 10X. It is an operating system that is partly different from the normal Windows 10, announced in October 2019, and then ” unofficially ” abandoned (at least as authoritative sources indicate) to focus on the development of classic Windows 10.

Windows 10X was supposed to be the OS for devices with dual displays or innovative form factors, such as the Surface Neo. The fact that Panos Panay will also participate in the online meeting on June 24th shrouds the event program even more in mystery. All that remains is to wait three weeks, then, to learn about the future of Microsoft Windows.

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