Google Pixel Tablet On Show In Milan: How It’s Made

Google Pixel Tablet

Google’s tablet appears live at Milan Design Week less than 20 days after its official launch: everyone can see it, but no one can touch it.

Almost a year ago, on May 11, 2022, Google I/O 2022, Google’s annual conference for app developers, took place. During that event, for the first time, Google formalized the existence of the Pixel Tablet project but did not communicate the release date. A year has passed, we are almost at Google I/O 2023 (starting May 10), and finally, the new Google tablet seems ready for launch: it was even shown at Milan Design Week during a Fuorisalone event.

Google Pixel Tablet: How It’s Done

Google Pixel Tablet is as announced by the renderings and advertising material shown in the last 12 months. At least aesthetically, given that it was possible to see it but not touch or use it in Milan.

Therefore, no specific information on the official data sheet or user interface should represent the new point of reference for Android tablets.

From an aesthetic point of view, however, only confirmations: very similar to the Google Pixel 5 smartphone (which was developed just as the Pixel Tablet project began), it has a ” soap bar ” rear body with very rounded edges. It sure bears very little resemblance to the more recent Pixel 6 and Pixel 7.

At the rear, only one camera is in the upper left corner, while the front camera is positioned in one of the two long sides of the frame to make video calls more comfortable. Frames which, it must be said, are not thin.

In the same corner of the camera, there is also the fingerprint sensor, and there is also the volume rocker. Speaking of audio: there are 4 speakers, two on each short side of the tablet, and this could be inconvenient if we watch a movie while holding the tablet in hand (we’d end up covering at least two speakers).

It will be better to see the multimedia contents with the tablet hooked (magnetically) to its stand, confirmed in Milan. Thanks to this stand, which integrates a speaker, the Pixel Tablet can also be used as a smart display, like a Google Nest Hub.

Google Pixel Tablet: Technical Characteristics

As mentioned at the beginning, no one has been able to touch the Google Pixel Tablet by hand, and consequently, we know very little about what is under the body. But the presence of the Google Tensor G2 chip has been confirmed by Google itself. Several rumours speak of a UWB connection to connect home automation devices to the tablet in smart display mode.

The exact screen size and technology are unknown, but an 11-inch IPS LCD is assumed. As seen, the speakers are four, and there is certainly a USB-C port for connection and recharging. There will be magnetic charging via the already described stand.

But we have yet to learn about the battery capacity and the maximum charging power. However, no one hopes for triple-digit powers: even the Google Pixel 7 Pro has a recharge (both wireless and wired) that does not even reach 30 watts.

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