The Original Cable For The iPhone Costs Half The Price

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For maximum compatibility with your iPhone, it is always better to choose an original Apple cable: the offer on Amazon to take advantage of

The Apple ecosystem does not stop at real devices: from iPhones and iPads to Macbooks. What distinguishes it from other hi-tech manufacturers is the attention to detail, that is, in the accessories designed for its devices.

If there is an accessory that everyone who owns an iPhone or iPad needs, this is the Apple Lightning cable, which allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet directly to your PC or charger. Apple is known for using two types of cables: Lightning over USB-A and Lightning over USB-C, which offer different performance in terms of charging and reliability.

For those who do not want to run into compatibility problems with traditional chargers, the best solution is to buy a Lightning USB-A cable. With the half-price offer on the Amazon website, each user will be able to buy their own original Apple cable, whether it is a necessity because the old one is now broken, or whether you want to take advantage of the discount to stock up for the future.

Lightning Cable For iPhone: How They Work

Apple offers its loyal users three types of Lightning cables. The first is the Lightning USB-A cable, which offers a charging speed of up to 12W but great compatibility with different devices and especially with chargers and PCs, including older Macs without USB-C ports.

Then there is the Lightning USB-C cable, which is sold in association with the new generation iPhones and iPads. This type offers to charge speeds of up to 18W for iPhones and up to 30W for iPads. Plus, it’s imperative to connect mobile devices to your latest Mac.

Finally, there is the USB-C to USB-C cable that currently works only with the latest generation iPad Pro and iPad Air and allows charging up to 30W of these two tablet models.

Lightning Cable For iPhone: Which One To Choose

Whether it’s replacing an old broken cable, or you want to buy a second cable to keep in your car or bag just in case, choosing the most suitable one is important. The Apple cables are not exactly cheap, but provide maximum compatibility with Apple devices and are designed to optimize performance.

For those who want a cable to recharge the iPhone or download files and photos to connect to their newly purchased MacBook equipped with a USB-C socket, the choice will be forced on the Lightning USB-C cables. For those who want a cable that is cheap and above all compatible with all their devices, and also with third-party chargers, then the choice is on the USB-A type Lightning cable.

Even better if, instead of the many third-party cables on the market, you rely on an original cable sold by Apple and shipped by Amazon. Those who choose this connector will be able to take advantage of an exceptional price on Amazon: the Lightning USB-A cable, compatible with older iPhones and up to the new iPhone 12, is on offer with a 46% discount. You can thus buy a new 2-meter long cable, suitable to keep at home or in the car for greater ease of movement, for around 19 euros instead of 35 euros.

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