How To Improve Site Traffic Without Using SEO


How to increase the traffic of your professional website or blog without using SEO? Here are some useful tips to improve online visits

Difficult but effective, complicated but satisfying. Obtaining visits thanks to SEO is sometimes really complex for a blog, e-commerce, or a generic site that wants to grow. Many parameters to be respected, many variables, a lot of patience, and work to do. Without forgetting the constant study to be able to keep up to date and understand how to wink at Google.

It takes too long for a new website to get organic traffic without SEO. But, at the same time, relying on SEO traffic alone is not an ideal best practice for digital marketing. We must therefore diversify, understanding how to increase site visits without using SEO. That way, when a traffic source doesn’t work well or permanently closes the door, you have other traffic sources to rely on.

Finally, it must be considered that the visits are not all the same. All things being equal, traffic from a newsletter may be of higher quality than traffic from a social channel. What is therefore important is to take advantage of all the opportunities to increase visibility and – consequently – also improve your SEO traffic.

How to increase site visits without using website on page seo? We suggest five options.

If you need targeted website traffic quickly, and you don’t want to wait for Google, the quickest solution is to buy that traffic – a surefire way to guarantee you hundreds or thousands of unique visits depending on your budget, experience, and ad network involved.

It is now increasingly easier to reach thousands of targeted recipients with little investment, after all, as can happen on Facebook. Without forgetting the most important tool of all: Google Adwords.

Social Media Marketing

An integral part of all business activities, social media must be an essential part of your strategy to increase site visits without using SEO. Test, analyze, and evaluate which social media is best suited to intercept the ideal audience for your site. Facebook is relevant, but don’t overlook the potential of Twitter or Instagram: it all depends on the type of user you want to conquer.

Influencer Marketing

L ‘ influencer marketing can be an excellent source to bring traffic to your site, it is provided done well. Influencers are mostly social media users with large numbers of “active followers”, who trust and care about what the influencer says, shares, recommends, and supports.

When you have the support of an influencer to help you promote your content, it could easily go viral and generate significant traffic. However, it is vital that influencers are in line with your product/service (by age, interests, communication styles, and audience).

Refine your content

A great title makes the difference between an article that is not considered and one that attracts attention and consequently a click. And clicks are what everyone, with their site, tries to achieve.

The title is not the only determining factor that guarantees the success of an article, but it is the first element of your content that potential readers see. Out of 100 potential readers who come into contact with your content, 80 of them will read the title only, and only 20 may consider reading the rest of the information. How to improve?

  • Bet on the numbers
  • Promise a head start in reading
  • Attract curiosity
  • Choose short headlines (that don’t give too much away)

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a traffic creation tool without SEO but it requires considerable planning: if properly implemented can give significant benefits but, in case of errors, can backfire.

Make this practice as natural as possible by publishing your own articles or hosting articles of others sporadically, without exaggerating to avoid errors or penalties from Google. The ideal frequency? A couple of quality articles a week.

However, these five tips to increase site visits without using SEO must not distract attention from organic traffic, that is, from the need to attract visits thanks to search engines. An aspect that just cannot be ignored.

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