How To Measure Brand Awareness?

Brand Awareness

Is it realistic to calculate how many people know about your brand? We tell you how and with what tools this can be done.

On the store shelf, customers choose packaging in a familiar colour with a familiar logo. And they treat brands that they see for the first time with distrust.

If you ask your friends what soda brands they know, they will probably name Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, or Pepsi. But local brands of domestic manufacturers will remember only one out of 10.

Brand awareness directly affects a company’s revenue. It is not easy to measure it, but several tools allow you to do this.

Traffic And Brand Queries

If your brand is searched for in search engines, they know about it. You can check the number of branded queries that users come to your site using Yandex. Words that. Enter your brand name in the word selection bar to see the search history.

Mentions In The Media And Social Networks

Mentions in the media and social networks also indicate that the brand is known in the market. Now there are paid and free services that allow you to track the frequency of mentions. For example:

  • Chotom ;
  • IQBuzz ;
  • SemanticForce ;
  • Google Alerts ;
  • YouScan and others.

As with Yandex. Word stat, it’s best to check for different spellings of the company name. So, you can collect statistics of mentions of the Sberbank brand at the request of Sberbank, Sberbank, and Sberbank.

Brand Lift

Brand Lift is a complex and expensive study of the effectiveness of video advertising. This tool is more suitable for large brands but allows you to assess recognition most accurately.

A survey is conducted among users about whether they are familiar with the brand and how they evaluate the quality of advertising. You’ve probably come across similar surveys – they are often shown before, during, or after a YouTube video and in mobile applications.

The most popular Brand Lift tools are Google Ads and Yandex. Direct. An advertising campaign must meet several requirements. For example, in Yandex, you can conduct a Brand Lift only if the advertising campaign budget is at least 70,000 rubles per day and at least 1 million for the entire placement period.

Increase In The Number Of Clients

An increase in the number of customers is another indicator of brand awareness growth. We have already discussed how to evaluate an advertising campaign’s effectiveness in this article.

If you place outdoor advertising on digital screens, you can use WI-FI traps. They collect MAC addresses, unique identifiers that every smartphone has. Using these tags, you can find out how often a person passes by an advertising banner and whether he has become your brand’s client. This allows you to understand how recognizable and effective outdoor advertising is.

Advertising metrics serve only as an indirect indicator of awareness growth. But if you see an influx of customers, brand awareness has likely increased.

Conducting Surveys

Polls are conducted on the streets, by phone, and on the Internet. They may be free of charge or involve a reward for the respondents (for example, a small amount of money or a symbolic gift – a pen with a brand logo, a branded notebook, etc.).

This method has several disadvantages:

  1. It is necessary to monitor the quality of the interviewers’ work.
  2.  It is necessary to survey many people, To obtain statistics
  3. Such research requires a significant budget?

How To Increase Brand Awareness?

For a business tied to a specific place (for example, catering or a beauty salon), outdoor advertising is especially convenient. If you’re promoting a takeaway coffee deal, you can display ads on digital screens near your coffee shop. You can also set the time of impressions – for example, only in the mornings on weekdays, when customers often come to you for coffee. This strategy will significantly increase your brand awareness in a short time.

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