3 Recommendations For Setting Up Contextual Advertising In B2B

Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a universal tool for attracting customers, increasing brand awareness, generating demand, etc. We at SV Digital have put together three recommendations to help you increase the effectiveness of B2B campaigns in Yandex. Direct.

Feature Of B2B Advertising

B2B is a territory of personal agreements, close study of partners, and various, often non-obvious, product requirements. The decision on the choice is made by the “purchasing committee,” in which each participant pursues their interest, and the possibility of a long-term partnership plays a more significant role than the price.

From a technical point of view, the division of advertising campaigns in Yandex. Direct into B2B and B2C is very conditional. The director uses the same tools and sees the announcements not of the purchasing committee in full force but of an ordinary person. Despite this, B2B campaigns have their nuances.

Use Ready-Made Databases To Set Up Yandex.Audience

If you have enough client information, upload your database to Yandex.Audience. This will allow you to target ads to similar users: increase your reach and attract new potential buyers.

For little money (800 contacts – about 1500 rubles), you will receive data to set up advertising.
For example, in the case of a pillow manufacturer, 42% of leads came from campaigns set up for lookalike audiences. We used the customer’s email address database and the purchased 2GIS databases for configuration.

Connect Auto Strategies

Auto strategies react faster to changes in the auction and can determine which user is most likely to complete the target action.

Connect auto strategies; it is enough to receive ten conversions per week. This can include micro conversions (viewing the site for 2 minutes or more, viewing three pages, scrolling through 80% of the landing page, etc.). If there are no such number of conversions yet, then run a test version of the campaign – manual or click optimization (a good option if the semantics are low-frequency and you need to get maximum traffic).

Once you have accumulated the right amount of data, analyze the goals for stable conversions and the attribution model for which there is the most data for practical algorithm training. For example, in the case of a company specializing in implementing BIM, VR, and AR modeling, including an auto strategy reduced the application cost by almost two times.

Test Ad Timing

When launching advertising campaigns, ads are often shown only during office hours. This makes sense: a person can call, but there will be no one to answer him. But B2B clients need more time to be ready to discuss details at the first touch: information needs to be collected and studied. Therefore, the first step is often to download the price list, request a quotation or send an email.

We recommend making online contact options visible on the landing page. You can specify the response time in the form and set up an autoresponder in the mail. Sometimes, based on the results of advertising work on weekends, a decision is made to connect an additional employee on these days. On weekends, the competition for the attention of buyers is lower, which allows you to reduce the cost of a click and increase the number of hits.

For example, in the case of a pillow manufacturer, displaying ads on weekends bought +51% of leads to the customer, and in the case of a workwear manufacturer, the number of transactions increased by three times after the start of ad display was moved from 9:00 to 6:00.

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