What Are The Types And Formats Of Targeted Advertising?

Targeted Advertising

Even within the same platform, there can be several types of targeted advertising: text, text-graphic, native posts, banners, and carousels. There are many formats, and all of them can be effective, so they require testing – only in practice can you understand which option you like the best audience.

Here are some examples of different ad formats. Social networks often offer similar ads, and you will recognize them immediately. For example, a frequent technique is an advertising post on a social network. With proper target audience settings, such a post may look native; sometimes, users do not even realize this is an advertising post.

Benefits Of Targeted Advertising

Benefits the consumer, which means it attracts the target audience. If a person searches for the best offer for several weeks or even months, and then the social network recommends a suitable option, the user rejoices and gratefully accepts the recommendation.

Accessible even to small businesses due to the low entry threshold. You can start advertising with a couple of hundred rubles in your pocket.

Runs fast. Creating a simple advertisement usually takes at most 20 minutes. A few more minutes (usually up to an hour) are required for moderators to check the ad.

Helps to personalize the ad. If you set up ads correctly, only people interested in your product and who can buy it will see it. Target can be launched on residents of one district, students of a particular university, or people passionate about a specific hobby. If you use this data in an advertising creative, hooking the user will be much easier.

Works even if you don’t have a website and social media group. You can create a lead form in which the client immediately enters his data. He doesn’t have to go anywhere else.

Brings you closer to those who already know you. You can show ads to people who have already interacted with your company. For example, they visited your site, signed up for a newsletter, or purchased from you some time ago.

Amenable to analysis. If the advertisement does not bring the desired result, you can see who is interested and adjust your target audience. You can also run A/B tests with different creatives and choose the best one based on numbers rather than subjective feelings.

At the same time, the system gives a measurable result. All data on the effectiveness of the advertising campaign is automatically collected in understandable tables that can be saved in different formats, saving time for the manual collection of information.

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