How To Create A Social Media Content Matrix

Social Media Content Matrix

There are a million different ways to run your content matrix because each content maker takes the scheme and adapts it, making it more convenient.

The option that I will show is a table or diagram where you capture specific categories related to your niche and product and then fill the cells with crucial phrases and ideas for topics.

STEP ONE: If you have a simple product, such as natural soap, then the categories might be:
Application (what can be washed with your soap and what is the use it)

  • Purchase (how to get soap)
  • Composition (what soap is made of, and why it’s cool and curious)
  • Production (how do you make soap, and why are you sure of its Quality)
  • Objections of the target audience (we learn everything that worries the target audience and write soothing texts about it)
  • Life hacks (we expand the topic with valuable posts around soap and personal care)
  • Fears (what fears do people have about soap, natural cosmetics, shopping through Instagram)
    Categories are like a rubricator, notice?

STEP TWO: Further inside each category, we do detailing.

  • Application: for the face, for the body, at sea, in winter, for sensitive skin
  • Purchase: how much it costs, how to order, how to pay, what delivery, how long, what bonuses and discounts
  • Composition: properties of ingredients, combinations and combinations, which will prove that it is natural, aromas and aromatherapy
  • Production: selection of suppliers of oils, how soap is made, how pieces are cut, how it is packaged, how you check the Quality, certificates
  • Objections of the target audience: Quality, price (expensive or doubtfully cheap), you can write anything, how can I check it, who are you, why is the delivery paid, and so on.
  • Life hacks: self-care tips, soap selection tips, Quality assurance tips
  • Fears: what if an allergy starts, and if the package is lost, and if it doesn’t suit me, the money is wasted, and if you are a one-day company, etc.

Where To Create A Content Matrix

If all this is arranged in Excel (horizontal categories, vertical subcategories) and multiplied as a multiplication table, then non-obvious but curious topics will appear. Any nonsense will also appear, so the filter.

How To Use The Content Matrix

Now we poke the mouse into any two cells. Let’s say it will be “at sea” and “tips for choosing soap.” And here are the options for topics:

Let’s try other cells. Let it be “how to order” and “soap facts.” I’m not sure, but if you search the net, you will find a historical fact that once soap was available only to the elite, it was brewed in remote corners of any country and delivered on deer and pigeons for several months. And in our beautiful age, everyone can afford soap, and your special vegan soap will be provided in 5 days to any corner of Russia. Here is an idea for a post or a story: Past / Present or Was / Became in stories.

You can play with the matrix like this endlessly – this is a way to generate ideas for a non-stop blog. At first, it can be tricky to quickly link key topics and twist them into full-fledged publications. But it’s like working out in the gym.

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