Business Market, Because The Combined Mobile + Fixed Offer, Is Worthwhile

Business market

The combined fixed-line and mobile subscriptions offer various advantages for professionals and companies.

When signing a telephony contract, both mobile and fixed, VAT numbers expect not only that the operator will provide them with the latest communication technologies (optical fiber and 4G, pending the launch of 5G), but will be able to guarantee affordable offers, free of “small print” clauses and hidden costs and an offer that is clear from the moment of signing up.

This is demonstrated by the research conducted by Dentsu for Vizeum among freelancers and small businesses. 87% of respondents are looking for a telephone operator that is convenient, does not hide unwelcome surprises, and has a commercial offer that is easy to understand (answer given by 83% of the survey sample).

Of course, connection speed and line stability are also two aspects that enjoy great importance but, at the same time, it is essential to be able to count on a commercial offer that does not lead to waste too much time between calls to the call center, complaints and, perhaps, termination of the contract.

In this scenario, more and more companies are deciding to choose a single provider for fixed and mobile telephony (in the Dentsu research for Vizeum, 76% admit that they prefer a single offer ). Behind this choice, we find the need to simplify administrative processes: a single bill to pay, a single front office to deal with for any type of request or need.

The Advantages Of The Combined Mobile + Fixed Offer

The reasons that push SMEs and professionals to make the move towards “the single operator” are not solely of an accounting or bureaucratic nature. The choice, in fact, guarantees several advantages also from a practical point of view. Usually, “single operator” business users can take advantage of a privileged support channel, which allows them to talk to a telephone operator in a short time and to receive home assistance in one working day or less.

The economic aspect should not be underestimated: those who choose to activate both fixed and mobile users with the same operator have greater opportunities to access exclusive offers. The signing of a single contract for landline and mobile phones allows you to get a discount on “single” fees and more. The status of “privileged” customers, in fact, could allow access to ad hoc offers, specifically designed to meet their needs and those of their company.

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