E-learning, The Smart Solution To Always Stay Up To Date


Distance Learning Is One Of The Preferred Solutions For Companies And Employees To Update Their Professional And Personal Knowledge. Here Are The Advantages Of E-Learning In The World Of Work

The current job market requires that people, whether they are looking for a job or have one, continually update their professional and personal skills. Driven also by the “hyper specificity” of some job positions, we are led to the so-called lifelong learning, ie to continuous learning and updating at any stage of professional (and non-professional) life.

As also emerges from the Global Talent Trends 2019 report, more and more older workers are looking to the world of training to update their professional skills or learn new ones.

To reconcile work and training needs, more and more people are looking for e-learning platforms that can help them to deepen topics useful for professional growth. The choice of distance learning and training is also favored by technological developments that allow access to courses of this kind from devices of various kinds.

As we will see a little later, distance learning is accessible not only from web platforms but also from smartphones and tablets thanks to the use of ad hoc applications.

What Is E-Learning

But let’s start from the beginning and see, specifically, what we refer to when we talk about e-learning. Translated into Italian with the term “distance learning” or “online learning”, the term e-learning identifies all those technologies – software and hardware – that allow a person to access resources and services related to the world of teaching and of the study.

These courses can be useful for professional updating, or university courses that also allow non-resident students to attend classes and graduate without having to move from home.

E-learning, therefore, is characterized as an extremely versatile and innovative teaching method, which makes available to users of any age and from any part of the world resources otherwise difficult to find and accessible.

Advantages Of E-Learning

From this brief description, it is possible to obtain information on the advantages of following training or study courses on e-learning platforms. The main one is the versatility of the e-learning platforms: everyone can decide which courses to follow and, above all, when and how to do it. A worker, for example, can choose to follow the lessons of a professional refresher course in the spare time, perhaps when he moves from home to the office and vice versa.

A student, on the other hand, can concentrate lessons in the morning or in the afternoon, so as to have time to devote to other activities ( for example a part-time job or sports,).

Furthermore, the e-learning platforms also provide personalized study plans, with tutors ready to answer all our doubts and follow our progress. In short, e-learning does not at all rhyme with “learning solitude”: thanks to the tutors, in fact, you will be able to receive support when you need it and not at the times chosen by the teacher (for example, on reception days, ). And if something does not go wrong, you can always ask for “personalized advice”, thanks to which you can overcome the problem and continue with your studies without too many headaches.

Furthermore, e-learning will allow access to information that is always up-to-date and always updated: teachers, in fact, will add new lessons whenever they are needed. In this way, students will be able to update their knowledge as soon as they have the opportunity and time to follow the new lessons.

What Is Needed For E-Learning?

Another great advantage of e-learning is its simplicity. In order to take part in refresher courses or study courses electronically, you don’t need who knows what tools. All you need is a PC or smartphone and an Internet connection fast enough to support the streaming of multimedia content. To follow a lesson, for example, an ADSL 2+ connection or a 4G network with a data plan of 20 or 30 gigabytes will suffice.

To access the platform, however, you will need a browser or an app to download from the App Store (for iPhone) or from the Play Store (for Android devices). At this point, all you have to do is log in with your credentials (or create a profile, if you don’t have one), choose the course to follow, and get comfortable.

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