Cloud And Connectivity The Technological Revolution Of 2021

Cloud And Connectivity The Technological Revolution Of 2021

2021 could be the year of the greatest technological revolution for Italy since the internet took over our lives. Cloud, fiber optic connectivity at speeds never seen before for the consumer market, but also 5G and new forms of Wireless and Satellite connections. They will be the leading technologies for industry 4.0.

Market analysis and trends confirm that 2021 will be the year of the greatest digital revolution after the advent of the first Internet connections. After the shock, still ongoing, due to the pandemic, Italy will have to take advantage of the new scenarios to ride this revolution, eliminate ancestral problems such as the digital divide and educate the masses towards the use of technologies that can make a difference in terms efficiency and safety both in everyday life and in work contexts.

The Technological Context: Reflections And Trends

Over the past 3 years, we have seen an incredible increase in cloud-based applications and the consequent demand for faster but more reliable and stable connections.

The Pandemic then accelerated needs related to remote work and start working in general. In the space of a few months, all technological developments related to connectivity have had a surge, a race against time to meet new needs for individuals and absolute needs for companies.

The events to which 2020 subjected us have radically changed the perspective of digitization, have made the limits and criticalities of some now obsolete systems even more evident, and have placed institutions and large market players in front of an enormous challenge: to create the new technological revolution in a country that has always been allergic, due to bureaucratic practices, to innovative changes.

The 4 Trends Of The 2021 Technological Revolution

The confluence of so many new technologies must not be seen as a coincidence, it is absolutely no coincidence that 2021 will see the joint implementation of several and numerous innovative digital dynamics. For each technology, there is a roadmap, a “Gantt plan” to follow, small steps that lead to the confirmation and implementation of the technology itself. We can simply confirm that the current context, the pandemic, and the renewed socio-cultural conditions, have given a huge boost so that everything will flow into the new year of technological renaissance or 2021.

4 are the Trends that analyzes and researches have confirmed as at the head of the technological revolution:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Optical Fiber and FWA
  • 5G Mobile Connection
  • Contactless and Touch Free

Cloud Computing

2020 officially cleared Cloud Computing, a technology that allows you to take advantage of high-speed broadband to remotely distribute software and hardware resources.

These services are offered by specialized companies that do nothing but make available to other companies, through the payment of a subscription, a series of IT resources including cloud servers, storage, databases, business intelligence, and application software.

In 2021, more and more companies will turn to this technology because it is efficient, secure but above all scalable. It allows you to vary the costs according to the needs of the moment, to contain expenses, and to delegate the maintenance of onerous assistance services. The applicable flexibility and “economy of scale” make this technology the future of Industry 4.0.

You pay only for cloud services that are leveraged, you save on operating costs, run your infrastructure more efficiently, and modify resources as your business needs.

Optical Fiber And FWA

We can say with certainty that optical fiber is currently the connection standard for individuals and companies. Family home users and corporate connections require fast broadband to meet specific needs.

To the need to transfer large data, ever heavier files, streaming, and cloud services are becoming more and more frequent, requiring high speeds with increasingly reduced latencies.

2021 will have to be the year of the abolition of the digital divide. It is not just about high speed, but about connecting everyone, even in the most remote areas. No differentiation, it is necessary to cover almost the entire territory. There are resources and now there are also the right technology partners. 

To date, the situation in Italy provides for two main types of implementation, both of which offer excellent but different performances:

FTTC: stands for Fiber to the Cabinet, in these cases the fiber reaches the rack on the road and the connection is redistributed directly to the connected structures. The speeds reach about 100 Mbit / s, but through specific modifications, it could even reach 200 Mbps.

FTTH is the acronym for Fiber to the Home, it is the “true fiber” in the sense that it reaches directly the structures, buildings, or others. Overcome the FTTC connection limit tied to the copper pair by bringing the connection up to 1 Gbit / s

In 2021, the goal will be to cover most of the territory with FTTH fiber. Where it is not possible to implement the new FWA technologies, an acronym for Fixed Wireless Access which indicates a type of connection that uses Wireless connectivity to provide broadband where it is not possible to arrive by cable.

5G Mobile Connection

In 2020 we witnessed its launch with many problems related to ignorance and disinformation. Now in 2021 even if the “hoaxes” about 5G are still in circulation and many people have embraced the “no 5g” movement it is time to see it in action.

Also thanks to the switch-off for the new DVB-T2 digital terrestrial which will make more frequencies available to mobile operators, 5G is already commercially an important lever for many telephone operators. Many telephone companies are already selling their 5G tariff plans, which promise and guarantee very low latencies and speeds practically equal to the home fiber.

The 5G has a “dress” that is clearly visible and is the technology that most likely will replace the fixed connections at home. In the immediate future, this replacement will be disguised as an opportunity for those who are not reached by Fiber, but most likely in a few years, 5G will be the standard for quality and stability even for home connections.

To date, several providers operating on the Italian territory already give unlimited gigs, linked to a small Wifi router. The step from unlimited 4G to unlimited 5G will be short and much safer and more efficient for users.

Contactless and Touch-Free

Here the pandemic probably played a crucial role in accelerating the technology and infrastructure needed to make it operational in different contexts. The need to avoid contact, to limit gatherings has contributed to the spread and adoption of “touch-free” technology.

The evolution of ” Contactless ” is under everyone’s eyes, as well as smartphones it will also exploit new technologies related to voice commands, speech synthesis, and facial recognition This type of technologies will be increasingly widespread and used in 2021 because even if the vaccine of hope for a safer future and also true that the post-pandemic world will tend to keep some rules to avoid contagions and anomalous spreads and contactless technology is the ideal territory to cultivate applications and ideas that facilitate touch-free operations.

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