How To Use The 3D Printer, Advantages, And Disadvantages

3D printing

Do you want to print a gadget to promote your company but you don’t know how to use the 3D printer? Let’s start by saying that a 3D printer is a tool that allows you to print practically anything: from medical objects to fashion accessories such as hats and bags to real rock sculptures. This is because the 3D printer is not intended to transfer text or images on paper, but to create real objects from scratch.

Having established this before understanding how the 3D printer is used, let’s find out what is meant in general by 3D printing.

What Is 3D Printing?

3D printing is a process that is based on the creation of three-dimensional objects through the additive manufacturing technique, through the layering of a series of materials that make it possible to manufacture objects from 3D models. To undertake a three-dimensional printing it is important that the prototype of the object is recreated through specialized software to then be created layer by layer using the 3D printer.

This type of printer is used in a variety of sectors: food, for example, (some American restaurants prepare food in 3D), medical (some factories use it to prepare personalized medicines) but also simply the corporate one, useful for creating gadgets. promotional of any kind.

How Do You Use The 3D Printer?

Before using the 3D printer it is necessary to carefully prepare the project file, in order to provide the device with all the information necessary for its realization. Let’s talk about the length, height, color of the product, and so on.

Once this is done, when the 3D printer starts up, an extruder comes into operation, a tool that replaces the head which in normal printers is rich in ink and allows the transmission of information on paper.

The ink is replaced by polymers, i.e. filaments in the shape of granules that are superheated, melted, and subsequently layered to create the desired object.

The work of the extruder is very simple: it passes the polymers from the tank and heats them, after which it melts them into filaments and makes them come out to make the 3D product. The extruder is mounted on a mobile structure that allows it to move both from bottom to top and from left to right and vice versa.

What Are The Advantages Of The 3D Printer?

The advantages of the 3D printer are manifold. Let’s see some of them:

  • It’s fast: despite the seemingly difficult process, the 3D printer works very quickly. So you can use it even if you urgently need your company gadgets;
  • You can produce what you want: with the 3D printer your imagination has practically no limits, to create a useful and nice gadget to make you discreet advertising;
  • It allows color printing, without any limit;
  • You can use it in any sector: as mentioned, the 3D printer can be used regardless of your reference sector, whether it is medical, commercial, food, or construction.

What Are The Disadvantages Of The 3D Printer?

However, the printer has some disadvantages that cannot be ignored:

  • It has a very high cost: a 3D printer can cost over € 800, it all depends on the model and the use you want to make of it;
  • It does not allow precise quality control: it may happen that during the printing process, which as mentioned occurs by stratification of the object, one layer is not correctly printed with respect to another. This can compromise the final result of the product! This is the reason why I advise you to always do a test without obligation before printing your 3D product, in order to understand how the machine works and above all to prevent any leaks.

Do You Need The 3D Printer?

With the 3D printer, there are no limits to the imagination: you can create any object you want, in a professional and personalized way. If you intend to attend a convention and want to leave something of yourself to your guests, you can easily decide to print your logo in miniature, in order to donate something nice and improve your business level. But, as mentioned, you can also use it for making prototypes, 3D objects, and miniatures of anything.

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