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iOS 17

IOS 17 and iPad 17 will officially arrive on all compatible Apple devices starting from September 18, with several new features for all users

iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 will be officially available for all compatible devices starting September 18; the confirmation came from Apple during the event where the new iPhone 15, the Apple Watch Series 9, and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 were presented.

The Cupertino giant put Many new features on the table with the promise of improving and making the use of the two operating systems even more convenient, productive, and fun.

iOS17, All The News

Among the main innovations of iOS 17, we find the contact posters, which allow you to customize the images of the contacts in your address book, which will appear on the screen during the call.

The Messages application also changes with a new organization for stickers and emojis and the ability to use Live voicemail to transcribe an audio message in real time so the user can read its contents before listening.

It will also be possible to create Live Stickers starting from your photos quickly and easily and sharing them with your contacts on Messages.

The Check function has also been added, allowing you to notify your family when you reach your destination. This feature will also detect any unexpected deviations and share with contacts (defined by the user) all the information that could be needed in an emergency, such as the location of the device, the battery charge, or the status of the mobile network.

As for FaceTime, however, the possibility of using audio and video messages has been introduced, which can be left in a contact’s chat when they cannot be reached by telephone.

Also, on Facetime, you can use reactions and stickers during calls, making communication even more expressive.

It also changes AirDrop with NameDrop mode, which allows you to share contact information with another iPhone (or with an Apple Watch) simply by bringing them closer. With the same system, it is possible to start SharePlay and share your multimedia content with nearby Apple devices.

The new interactive widgets are arriving on the iPhone: the user will be able to customize their links on the Home screen, which, at the same time, will be much more integrated and much more harmonized with the context.

The automatic correction has also been improved and updated with a transformer linguistic model to help the user complete the words by suggesting, if necessary, other terms related to the speech. The Dictation function also becomes more precise, recognizing speech inflections and correcting errors.

StandBy is the new mode activated when the iPhone is positioned horizontally on the appropriate support and charging, transforming the smartphone into a sort of intelligent hub that the user can completely customize.

With iOS 17 also comes Journal, a personal diary that allows you to take notes and write down anything. Furthermore, thanks to on-device machine learning, the application provides ideas and suggestions for writing, helping the user with writing.

Finally, among the other new features announced is eliminating the ” Hey, Siri ” formula, which becomes just ” Siri. ” Then there are new features dedicated to the Health application, developed specifically for users’ mental well-being, collaborative playlists on Apple Music, and offline maps on Maps.

iPad 17, All The News

One of the most interesting new features of iPadOS 17 for the Apple tablet is the new customizable lock screen, which the user can manage as he sees fit, applying styles, functions, and effects.

Furthermore, through the Real-time Activities function, it will be possible to follow (obviously in real time) many activities directly on the lock screen, such as a travel itinerary, a streaming event, or the progress of home deliveries.

The widgets will also change, allowing the user to use many more settings and can be harmonized with the iPad background to be readable and well-positioned on the tablet screen.

Notes are also updated, with which you can read and take notes on texts and PDFs and even draw using the Apple Pencil. By sharing documents, it will also be possible to see all the updates made by a work team on the various documents and keep track of all the changes made.

Many new features of the Messages app already seen on the iPhone are also arriving on the iPad, such as the new ways of organizing stickers and the possibility of transcribing voice messages in real-time.
It also changes Facetime with the user being able, in this case, to leave audio or video messages to an unreachable contact.

With the latest update, the Health app also arrives on iPad with all the well-known functions already seen and appreciated on iPhone.

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