Why Won’t My Smartphone Charge?

Smartphone Charge

When the smartphone does not charge, it is necessary to identify the reason. Let’s see what the possible causes of the problem are and how to solve

The smartphone does not charge: This is a frequent problem, especially when the device has a few years on its shoulders. Among the causes of this charging malfunction, there may be various factors. A damaged component is enough to block the smartphone battery charging system.

Fortunately, pinpointing why your smartphone isn’t charging correctly is easy. A simple “attempts” procedure is enough to isolate the cause of the problem and take all the necessary countermeasures to solve it, returning to charging the smartphone correctly.

Let’s see, therefore, what are the reasons why the smartphone battery does not recharge and, based on the problem identified, how to solve it.

Restart Your Device

Let’s start with one of the most common remedies to any type of malfunction of an electronic device: if the smartphone does not charge properly, it may be helpful to try to restart the device. The problem of failure to recharge could be related to a temporary software malfunction, and restarting could be a simple solution.

Leave Your Phone Charging For A Few Minutes

When the phone is fully discharged, charging may take longer than expected, and at least initially, the device may not show “signs of life.” For this reason, before being alarmed, it is advisable to leave the smartphone charged for a few minutes. The battery will recharge, and the smartphone can be turned on.

Check The USB Cable Of The Charger

In most cases, the smartphone does not charge because of the USB cable of the charger. It is the most fragile component, and it is most easily broken. A sharp movement is enough to damage the wire and make it unusable.

To understand if the problem is the cable, just do a simple test: take another USB wire and connect it to the charger. If the smartphone starts to charge, then it will mean that the old USB cable was damaged.

Check The Charger

If the USB cable is intact, the problem may be the faulty charger. Like all electrical components, the charger also deteriorates after prolonged use. Due to high temperatures, it can burn out or become unusable due to a fall.

To check that your smartphone is no longer charging because of the charger, simply connect the USB cable to another adapter and then to your smartphone. If the word “In charge” magically appears, then it will mean that the problem is solved.

If you need to buy a new charger, it is essential to choose a model with characteristics similar to the model supplied by the manufacturer. It can be helpful, in this case, to contact the smartphone manufacturer’s website directly: many companies in the sector sell chargers as additional accessories.
The choice of a new charger is critical, especially for smartphones with fast charging; in fact, it is essential to choose a suitable model to make the most of the device’s potential, reducing charging times.

Dirty Smartphone USB Port

Small and very delicate. We are talking about the USB port in all smartphones that we use daily to charge the device. A few crumbs of bread, a piece of paper, or a little dust may get stuck in the USB port and create problems, making it impossible to recharge.

To check if the USB port is preventing charging, you can intervene on this component: cleaning the USB port of the mobile phone is a straightforward and safe operation. It only takes a few minutes to remove dirt and check if this is the problem behind the smartphone not charging.

Battery To Be Replaced

If the USB cable is working correctly, the charger is not damaged, and the USB port is clean, then the problem is the battery. The battery may stop working after a couple of years of use. These components have a limited lifespan, and if we put them to the test hard, they may break suddenly.

Replacing a battery, however, is not so simple, especially in the latest generation smartphones. The devices of recent years have a built-in battery, and to replace it, it is necessary to disassemble the smartphone, risking losing the warranty.

Both for smartphones under warranty and for smartphones out of warranty, it is helpful to contact the manufacturer’s assistance to verify the possibility of a repair, with battery replacement, evaluating the costs and, therefore, the convenience of this operation.

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