LG, The 32″ Smart TV Costs Very Little: An Incredible Price

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Historical minimum and 23% discount for the 32″ LG smart TV with FullHD screen. Buying it today saves 70 €. Price and discount.

To become the best-selling smart TV on Amazon, you need specific characteristics: a great price, excellent features, and a discount never seen before. And the intelligent 32LQ63006LA LG TV has all three, and in recent weeks, it has been the most purchased, requested, and desired TV on the e-commerce platform. Many think that the best-selling intelligent TVs are the large ones; in reality, this is not the case. The real struggle between manufacturers is in televisions that are smaller in size, take up less space (and have more affordable costs).

The 32-inch smart LG we find on offer today is also very recent, launched this year. And it has excellent quality components. For example, the screen has a FullHD resolution, a real rarity for such a small display. And then, it mounts the latest version of WebOS; the operating system developed directly by LG. And to avoid missing anything, it has pre-installed the two most crucial cloud gaming platforms: Google Stadia and GeForce NOW. In short, it is a versatile smart TV, suitable for those who love to play and for those who want to see their favorite TV series lying on the bed or the sofa.

LG 32LQ63006LA Smart TV: The Technical Characteristics

The LG 32LQ63006LA smart TV has relatively compact dimensions and is ideal for both bedrooms and kitchens and those with little space in the living room. As already mentioned, the display has a 32 “diagonal with FullHD resolution to see your favorite programs in high resolution. To manage everything, we find the new α5 GEN 5 processor, which also works on the sound in addition to improving image quality.

The part dedicated to entertainment plays a fundamental role in this smart TV. On board, we find the webOS 22 operating system, the latest version developed directly by LG. It supports all major streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney +, DAZN, YouTube, and Railay. For video game lovers, there are already Google Stadia and GeForce NOW, the two leading cloud gaming platforms (you need a separate subscription to use them). The smart TV also supports Google Assistant and Alexa voice assistants to change channels, increase volume or control smart home devices directly with your voice.

Finally, the Sports Alert mode warns you every time your favorite team’s match is about to start.

LG 32LQ63006LA Smart TV on offer on Amazon: price and discount

New price drop and historical low for the 32 “LG smart TV. Today we found it on sale for € 229.99, 23% less than the recommended price (the list price exceeds € 320, and the discount would rise to 30%). By purchasing it today, the savings exceed € 70, a good amount for a low-cost smart TV. The TV is sold and shipped directly from the e-commerce site, and the delivery does not have to wait many days. As with all products sold now by Amazon, there is a 30-day return period.

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