What Is Google Fit And How It Works


To monitor your health and keep fit, the best app to choose is undoubted “Google Fit”: this is what it is, how it works, and how to use it.

Thanks to technological innovation, our health and the control and monitoring of our physical well-being are increasingly entrusted to technology. There is an app for everything: the app that monitors your sleep, the app that monitors the amount of water drunk in a day, the app that notifies you at the time you set to take medicines and supplements, and the app that reminds you to train and monitors your training and health status.

For each of these apps, you are spoiled for choice, but when it comes to the “health monitor” application there is no doubt, the choice must fall on Google Fit: the best complete app designed as a virtual assistant for always keep fit with regular and constant physical activity: find out what it is and how it works!

What Is Google Fit

If you think that Google Fit is one of the many applications that offer you daily workouts to keep you healthy, you will have to change your mind, it is much more! It is an application that aims to be complete and 100% safe, for no other reason, it was developed by the web giant Google in collaboration with the WHO (World Health Organization) and the American Heart Association. Its development was born to respond to a need, that of going to stimulate users to move, even a little, but daily and regularly.

Dedicated to Android users, Google Fit, through your smartphone, has the ability to capture your every movement without the need to be started. Whenever you do an activity, a simple walk, a bike ride, a run, or an entire and strenuous workout, Google Fit will be able to perceive, monitor, and insert it into your personalized card. Its accuracy promises great results, even if the best performance can only give it in combo with smartwatches with Wear OS operating system, so as to have the possibility of monitoring additional data, such as the speed of the pace.

The Features Of Google Fit

The features offered by Google Fit are many and all very useful, starting with the monitoring of physical activity, a feature for which the app was developed. As previously mentioned, the app, during motor activity, even if mild, records the data and stores them, then showing the results obtained at the end of the day. All the data acquired during the time of use of the application are processed and proposed to the user through statistics, which report the trend of the data about the intensity of the activity, the duration, the speed, the heart rhythm, the path accomplished, and altitude. All statistics are presented to the user in a clear and easy-to-read way.

The user is then prompted to create their personal goals, which will be stored by the app and proposed again to encourage constant movement. Some of the standard goals might be weight loss or the steps to take each day. Not only that, through the function associated with the smartwatch, Google Fit also proposes itself in its sleep monitoring function, then suggesting, depending on the data collected, a better time to lie down and wake up in the morning for a perfect rest.

The basic usage features provided by Google Fit are two: the minutes of movement and the cardio points. With ” minutes of movement ” we mean a real motivational challenge that encourages the user to take more steps, climb more floors of stairs, do more movement. With “cardio points”, on the other hand, we mean an exhortation to the user to speed up their heart rate by doing cardio activities: for every minute of cardio activity, points are accumulated.

Use Google Fit

Getting the Google Fit application is simple: just have a smartphone with an Android operating system and that’s it. On the digital store, you can download and install the app in just a few minutes. Once installed, it is recommended, for the safe storage and monitoring of your data, to access the app through your Google account (the Gmail email, so to speak!).

The screen following login will be the one dedicated to the creation of your personal profile: here the application will ask each user to indicate, in addition to personal data, some physical parameters essential for the correct reception and processing of data: height, age, and body weight. Once you have completed this simple step, you are ready to start having Google Fit track your activity!

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