How To Use Bing Chat On Chrome Is Not How We Would Like It.

Bing Chat

Bing Chat also arrives on Chrome, but only for some users and with various limitations that could affect the use of the chatbot on browsers other than Edge.

Bing Chat, the famous Microsoft chatbot based on ChatGPT, is also available on Google Chrome (and will soon be available even on Apple Safari) but only for a few users. Until a few days ago, the chatbot could only be used on Microsoft Edge, but as we know, over 65% of Internet users worldwide use Google Chrome.

With the arrival of the new Bing Chat extension for Chrome, Microsoft is also playing in advance: its chatbot arrived earlier and is much more used than Google Bard, which all Chrome users will soon be able to use. Offering Bing Chat, with limitations compared to the version available on Edge, is Microsoft’s attempt to leverage Bing Chat to get users to try its chatbot on their browser.

Bing Chat On Chrome: Usage Limits

Recently, a pop-up window has appeared on the Windows 10 and 11 taskbar, allowing some users to try Bing Chat on the Google Chrome browser. In addition, a dark theme has also been added (available natively in the extension), which can be easily changed by the user from the appropriate menu and resembles the new Edge dark theme in all respects.

Despite the good news of the arrival of the chatbot on Big G’s browser, it should be noted that Microsoft has introduced several limitations. Among these, the most difficult to digest is the one that reduces input messages to 2,000 words, compared to 4,000 for Bing Chat on Edge. Moreover, the conversation with the AI ​​​​will be canceled after five exchanges of messages and not after thirty as happens, however, with the Microsoft browser.

In addition to this, while using Bing Chat on Chrome, pop-ups will repeatedly appear “inviting” to use Edge as the default browser. From the first reports of testers who already have access to the extension, it is said that these messages are insistent on convincing the user to switch to the native Windows browser.

Microsoft has not yet commented on the matter, and, at the moment, it is not clear whether these limitations are temporary, waiting for the system to arrive globally, or if they will be maintained even later to push users towards Edge naturally.

Bing Chat, How To Try The Extension For Chrome

The arrival of the Bing extension on all browsers other than Microsoft Edge is still being launched and, as already mentioned, is only available to a small number of users. According to a source inside Microsoft, the new feature will arrive globally in the next few days (or, at the latest, in a few weeks). It will be available for Google Chrome and Safari, the browser developed by Apple for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

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