Best Features Of Gimkit & Effective Ways That Can Be Used For Teaching


Gimkit is a software application used by most teachers and students to learn. It is a game-based software that helps many people learn easily.

Whether you are a student going to school daily or learning from home, this Gimkit is used in both ways.

History Of Gimkit

Gimkit was an idea developed by a student named Josh Feinsilber while working on his high school project. He thought game-based learning would engage most students and designed an application useful in the class. Now in the present situation, that application has reached a well-projected version that enables many ways to keep the students engaged. For Eg: Quiz based learning. They are yet to add more gaming options to keep the students engaging. It is the most effective and engaging way, with lots of fun to learn. This kind of learning enhances Critical thinking and decision-making skills that could be applied anywhere. These will be derived from Science, Math, History, and Philosophy. 

What Is Gimkit And How Does It Work?

Gimkit is a Quiz gaming platform that helps students gain knowledge through Question and answer sessions. Many hosts can use it at once, and most students can do it on their smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, etc. This can be used as both a classroom tool and a homework device. They have built a reward system that makes students more engaging and makes them want to come back and learn more.

In the modern era, multiple online e-learning platforms can be used as educational resources where students can interact more, boost their engagement, and develop their skills in the real world. Here Gimkit is filled with many online learning games because students need to collaborate with it and learn many things. It also requires little background knowledge of this application’s topics and gaming style to implement a certain amount of strategy. 

How To Get Registered To Gimkit

First thing Gimkit is not an application that can be used for free. Once you sign up, it offers you a 14 days trial pack, which is unlimited, and the best version you could experience is Gimkit Pro. Once after 14 days, if you do not upgrade your account, you will be moved to the free version, Gimkit Basic. If you are a teacher, you could properly analyze this pack. This Gimkit offers 14 days trial period, which is more than enough to get a complete understanding of the software to learn and try in your class to see if it’s suitable for you.

The Signup process is too easy with simple steps. You can log in through email by entering your username, password. While creating the account, you will be given two options to choose either student or educator during the account creation for the first time. You must select your country and the school based on the zip code. You can select the grade and level of the subject, which is just a formality during the process.

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How To Create A New Kit? Options Available To Create Customized Gimkit

As soon as you log in, you can either find already created kits or you can create a new one on your own. If you would like to create a new one, then you need to click on the new kit and then decide on the subject line and a cover image for it as well. By default, you Gimkit links to Unsplash, but if you want to set your images as thumbnails, you can also do that.


It’s the best and most effective way to create material for your students. 


This is a feature that allows everyone with a Gimkit free or Gimkit pro account, including students. They can contribute questions to their kits. Both students and teachers can contribute over time.

Best Features Of Gimkit

  • It enables a Kitcollab feature that allows students to interact with teachers through the quiz before the game starts. Usually, when class is split into groups, but when there are tough challenges and helpful questions that work in every student’s favor
  • One of the top features is providing them with credits that keep students engaged. Whenever the student gives the correct answer, virtual money will be credited. If there is any wrong answer, it will affect your score, and it will cost you. The earned credits will be used in boosting, power-ups, and many more upgrades.
  • Many combinations will make students work on their strengths and build their profiles.
  • For a second chance, you can use Power-up, or you either earn more potential to gain more per each correct answer.
  • There are more than ten games available to grab huge attention for quizzes. There are games like Trust No One, which is built in detective style, and more like The Floor is Lava and Humans vs. Zombies.
  • Live games can be used for class; student-paced work can be assigned as homework. There will also be deadlines depending upon the student when to decide and get it done. These assignments will be graded according to their performance. 
  • Teachers can always view the student dashboard to view the student’s status, progress, and earnings. This has a feature of measuring the student’s ability and how he did it at the game despite his academic ability, the same way who may know the answer but struggle to complete the game. 

Costing Structure Of Gimkit

In general, the costing structure is very simple. Initially, it was free, with a limit of five students per game. If you are going to take a subscription, Gimkit Pro charges $9.99 monthly and $59.98 annually. This subscription provides unrestricted access to all the modes, and you can create assignments and upload them to your Kits. 

Game Modes Hosted By Gimkit

By using Gimkit, you would be able to host a live game using different game modes. While setting up a live game, you will receive the live link to join and share with your students. When everyone joins that link and logs in to the game, you can click on the start game option. 

There are many game modes you can use as per your kit. These are your options:

  • Infinity Mode
  • Humans vs. Zombies
  • Super rich mode
  • Hidden Mode
  • Capture the flag
  • Classic
  • What is?
  • Drained Mode
  • Boss Battle
  • Fishtopia
  • Tag
  • Teams

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have Any Restrictions On Sharing My Gimkit Subscription With Other Teachers?

No!! There are no such restrictions on who can access your account. You can share, but all can not login simultaneously and host all games simultaneously. This is something you can not do

What Is The Cost Of Gimkit Pro?

For Gimkit Pro, all you need to pay is $9.99 for a month full of access. In the free version, it allows only five players.

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