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Windows 11

Waiting for the arrival of Windows 11, Microsoft begins to unveil the latest news: from the Start news aggregator to the new design of the Photos app.

A new service is coming for Windows users. With the launch of Windows 11 approaching on October 5, Microsoft expands the services offered to its users and begins to reveal in detail all the news that awaits us in the coming months.

In a post on its official blog, the Redmond-based company announced the arrival of Microsoft Start, the new news feed customized on users’ interests who use Windows. The news aggregator is not an absolute novelty but an update of the MSN News and Microsoft News services with a new name and an improved algorithm to guarantee users an increasingly better experience and content of interest.

The new design of the Photos app for Windows 11 was also unveiled these days: Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer of Microsoft, showed in a video on his official Twitter account how the program will change, with a more streamlined style and in line with the one chosen for the new operating system.

Microsoft Start: What It Is And How It Works

Microsoft Start launched on September 7, 2021, in an official company post and is already active. The news aggregator was born from the experience of another Windows 10 app, News and Interests, which uses a new artificial intelligence algorithm to select the news of the day and offer it to users. A sort of Microsoft News update which, however, will be integrated into the Windows 11 widgets and the Windows 10 taskbar.

Using Start, users will also be able to access a personalized news feed and premium content dedicated to them, choosing from over a thousand editorial brands from around the world. Users can then choose their preferred publisher or topic or change their interests by clicking Customize at the top right.

A screen will open to indicate your interests, divide them into different categories, and find the hidden publications if you decide to re-enable them. All information through machine learning will help artificial intelligence to understand the user’s tastes.

The standalone website is already online and can be used by browsers, such as Chrome and Edge. Microsoft has also announced the release of dedicated apps for mobile devices, both iOS, and Android.

Photos App For Windows 11: The New Design

Another important news from Microsoft concerns the Photos app, which has been redesigned. This time, the announcement comes from Panay’s official Twitter account, which is a 20-second video showing what we can expect from the new application.

The new app shows a window with rounded corners and a streamlined user interface, which appears cleaner and tidier. The controls for photo editing and collage making have been repositioned compactly. There is a new screen for cropping images, with the tools moved up from the sidebar, the previous version of the app.

Finally, there will also be a new interface that allows you to easily switch between photos when opening a folder that contains multiple images. It will then be possible to select multiple photos from the carousel simultaneously to choose which ones to display together. The design is thus aligned with that of the new Windows 11 operating system. All that remains is to wait for the app launch, which has just been made available for Insiders and could arrive after October 5.

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