The Coffee Machine Brews A Drink Using A Fingerprint, And The Door Recognizes Faces – How Biometrics Are Changing The IoT

Coffee Machine

Biometric technologies are one of the trends of the new decade. Despite being around for many years, they began to be used in everyday life and business quite recently. We tell you what will change the innovations in this industry.

Biometrics is the measurement and analysis of a person’s unique physical and behavioral characteristics. Just because of the uniqueness of each person, can use them for identification and verification of personality.

Previously, biometrics was used only in forensics, but already in 2018, predicted that by 2020, biometric data would be used by 90% of companies. Today, almost everyone is used to unlocking a smartphone using a fingerprint.

According to Statista, revenues of global biometric systems in 2018 amounted to about $ 21.8 billion; mobile biometric technologies brought more than $ 20 billion. Biometrics is used in various industries: air transportation, education, banking, and now it is penetrating the IoT market.

Ensuring Data Security

Biometric IDs are difficult to steal or copy and remain the same throughout a person’s life – this makes biometric authentication an essential feature of IoT devices as they require login credentials. People using such protection can no longer worry that they have forgotten their passwords.


Imagine a coffee maker that prepares a customer’s favorite drink after fingerprint recognition or a facial recognition system that alerts hotel staff when VIP guests are arriving – this is the near future.

Facial recognition can be used in medicine, for example, to control the movement of patients or compliance with sanitary standards, in industrial and other facilities for security purposes, in banks for control in ATM areas.

For example, the Invitro clinic used a computer vision system to “recognize” patients coming to the reception and immediately display their data on the administrator’s monitor. This allowed getting rid of queues and accepting regular customers faster.

Biometrics is helpful for advertisers too. By identifying users, they will consider their needs and interests to offer relevant products and services in real-time on interactive billboards.

Biometric Authentication As a Service

Biometrics is a flexible concept with great potential for use in almost any field. Biometric identifiers are very user-friendly – no need to carry plastic cards, keys, NFC devices, and other material objects with you.

The technology will advance rapidly in the coming years to enhance the security of web applications and IoT devices like biometric locks, personalized kitchen gadgets, and smart homes. With the help of biometrics, businesses will recognize their customers to continuously improve the quality of service.

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