MediaTek Never Stops: Two More Chips For The Mid-Range


MediaTek further enhances its range of chips by introducing two mid-range ones: Dimensity 920 and 810; here are the most relevant features.

With the formalization of two other mid-range chips, Density 920 and Density 810, the process of expanding and improving the MediaTek range continues unabated, together with Samsung, one of the most credible rivals in Qualcomm’s dominance.

Hegemony, that of the American manufacturer, which is not so much about pure numbers, where MediaTek dictates the law thanks to the internal market, the Chinese one, but rather the diffusion of Density and company chips outside the confines of “home.” In which solutions from Qualcomm first and then from Samsung remain quite more common. By continuing at this rate, however, MediaTek is on track to ensure that the qualities of its products are recognized in Europe and America, markets where Qualcomm has traditionally prevailed.

The first step towards overturning the status quo could have occurred with the OnePlus Nord 2, a more than a recent smartphone for which important sales numbers are plausible, and integrate the chip MediaTek Dimensity 1200 AI.

Common Characteristics And Needs

The two new MediaTek Dimensity 920 and 810 both integrate a modem capable of connecting 5G, the present and future infrastructure. And if this is no longer news in 2021, it is interesting to note how MediaTek has worked to increase performance on the one hand and reduce consumption on the other.

It is a compromise pursued by all chip manufacturers, a topical issue that will hardly ever lose importance. Another aspect to which MediaTek aims is that of cost containment. Suppose the Chinese company wants to wage war on Qualcomm and Samsung. In that case, it cannot avoid considering the cost factor to ensure that companies looking for relatively cheap chips for their smartphones may prefer one from MediaTek to those of other manufacturers.

Density 920, The Most Balanced

MediaTek Dimensity 920 of the two novelties is the more balanced one. The company claims that it is capable of “balancing performance, power, and cost to deliver an incredible experience.” Still, of course, these claims will need to be verified once the first smartphones with this chip hit the market.

The Density 920 is made with a 6-nanometer production process, reassuring the ideal compromise between performance and consumption. It has an image processor (the chip, so to speak, that embellishes the photographs) capable of recording videos in 4K resolution with HDR and a graphics card that, according to the manufacturer, is 9% more powerful than the previous generation.

Density 920 is an octa-core chip with two performance cores and six low-power cores capable of hitting 2.5 GHz of maximum frequency. It can also support very fast RAM and ROM memories, LPDDR5 type the former and UFS 3.1 the latter, displays up to 120 Hz refresh rate and cameras up to 108 megapixels.

Density 810, Low Cost But Not Too Much

MediaTek Dimensity 810 is the cheapest one of the two, but the fact remains that it has some good features. Same 6-nanometer manufacturing process, 2.4GHz octa-core architecture, display support up to 120Hz, relatively fast memory, and cameras up to 64MP.

The two new Dimensity chips, the company says, will arrive in the third quarter of 2021, which is potentially starting from September.

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