Virtual SMS Number: Useful, Easy, and Innovative

Virtual SMS Number

Virtual SMS numbers are usually applicable for making and accepting calls. Such a solution can be complemented with an answering machine and voice menu, as well as automatic call forwarding according to a required algorithm. The advantages of virtual numbers are immediate customer feedback, presenting an innovative communication channel, and the ability to conduct creative marketing campaigns. It is worth highlighting the creation of a brand image, interaction with customers, and ease of use. Everyone has a possibility to receive SMS from customers via email and URL (most providers offer such an option for free). 


Such a service is useful both for businesses and individuals. The latter means the right solution for accounts created on different sites, including social networks. Thus, no one will know about your real number. You will not receive various spam messages or suffer from increased focus. It’s possible to carry on correspondence without a mobile phone – it is enough to have access to the Internet. When talking about the business, the virtual SMS number provides a high privacy threshold. There is no need to disclose any personal data. Such a solution leads to increasing brand confidence through the use of a specific city code and a reasonable monthly fee. The company gains more trust in the eyes of customers automatically.

Let’s highlight a few of the most popular situations where you might need a virtual number for SMS.    

  • It is important to keep your numbers when the company moves to another city, and this situation occurs with some regularity.
  • You don’t have a desire to purchase and use a SIM card. Moreover, there is no need to buy a phone to enable a SIM card. This is a significant cost.
  • It’s imperative to get such a number in a short time (it’s easy to get the required number within a few hours).
  • You want to enjoy the cheap local rates for text message sending.
  • It brings the possibility to be in touch anywhere in the world.
  • The company owner has to check the SMS statistics.
  • You are looking for an unlimited number of messages due to business needs.
  • There is no physical possibility and desire to connect a landline number.
  • Employees of the company prefer to work remotely and have everything they need.

You can connect a few types of virtual numbers: city, mobile, toll-free (800). You also need to select the basic features: voice, SMS number, fax getting\sending, or combined. The required services, such as Freezvon, offer numbers from more than 100 countries around the world.

This feature is especially useful for companies operating in different territories. The numbers will become active within 24 hours after purchasing. It might be necessary to provide documents to prove the identity of the user (for some countries). Usually, a scan of a passport copy, including registration, is sufficient. You need to verify it by receiving a code from SMS to start using a new virtual number.

How To Get It?

First of all, you have to find a reliable IP provider, who offers such a service and has wide coverage. Then it’s recommended to visit its official website, log in, deposit an account, choose the necessary options (country, type of number, operator code), perform the setup of forwarding, make up your mind about the subscription period, and complete an order. All the following connection procedures will be performed as soon as possible.

The terms depend on various factors. It’s better to get in touch with the provider’s support (you can use contact phone numbers or available messengers) and get all the answers to questions. Moreover, the website contains information about all the prices so the person can get acquainted with all the financial aspects and only then decide on cooperation.

A virtual number for SMS receiving reflects new opportunities, a high-security threshold, and no restrictions. Everyone can order it and improve the set of available services. The number obtained for personal or business use can be ordered on a permanent basis. All the messages received from other subscribers will be sent to the email or mobile numbers specified in the settings in automatic mode. The choice in favor of innovative technologies is obvious.

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