How To Delete Multiple Android Apps In One Go

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Whether you want to get rid of useless apps or save memory, not everyone knows that you can delete multiple Android apps in one go.

Everyone has happened at least once to download an app on their phone in the grip of the sensation of the moment; perhaps it is recommended by everyone, only to realize that they have never opened it again. Periodically, we should check which applications can be deleted from the smartphone to make it faster, but not everyone knows how to do it efficiently.

Scrolling through a rather long list of apps and remembering when you last used each of them or figuring out how much storage each app takes up can be time-consuming. Yet, a method allows you to evaluate both aspects – frequency of use and space occupied – with a single glance, and the good news is that it is present on all Android smartphones.

The other good news is that it allows you to delete multiple Android apps in one go, which avoids the equally lengthy process of individually deleting the app you can do without. Here’s how to take advantage of this
little Android “magic.”

A Single List With Two Essential Pieces Of Information

The first thing you need to do to delete multiple Android apps in one go is to open the Google Play Store, which is the application you use to search for new apps to install. Once opened, you need to tap on the thumbnail with the profile picture set on your Google account, shown in the top right corner of the virtual store home page.

At this point, a new menu opens with a series of options. You have to ignore all of them except the first one, the Manage app and device. This, once touched, shows, among other things, the amount of storage space remaining on the smartphone: it is the option that will allow us to delete multiple Android apps in one go.

How To Delete Multiple Apps In One Go

In fact, by touching it, you access the screen that shows a list of all the apps installed on the phone together, particularly with two instrumental pieces of information for those preparing to delete apps. On the one hand, the actual size of the single application is shown, i.e. the portion of internal memory occupied by the application and the data it contains.

The longer an application is used, the greater its impact on system memory will be, so those who own a smartphone with not too large storage space and approach the uninstallation of an app to save memory may find it very interesting. Information on the space occupied to identify which apps occupy it the most and consequently which it may be convenient to give up.

The second instrumental piece of information is the one concerning the last time a particular application was used. If you want to free up memory by deleting apps that have never been used or used little, scroll through the list and touch the box at the right edge of the screen associated with the app or apps in question with your fingertip.

After selecting the Android apps to delete, tap the trash can icon on the top right corner of the screen to see a window appear asking for confirmation of the real intention to delete the selected apps. At this point, tap on Uninstall to see the Android apps to be deleted disappear in one fell swoop.

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