POS Systems: Modern Sales Solution For Better Experience

POS Systems

Each shop’s work is impossible without scales. It’s normal when a customer wants to buy a few pounds of apples and self-service scales assist to accomplish this task (buyers independently weigh the selected products with their help) and checkout scales (a cashier’s place is equipped with them).

Retail processes automation is one of the hottest trends of the last decade. It affects all aspects – from merchandising and the installation of electronic price tags to the implementation of the NFC system and self-checkout counters. POS systems began to become popular in stores relatively recently but customers have already demonstrated their loyalty to this type of commercial equipment.

Advantages Of Solution

The arguments in favor of POS are as follows

  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface with high-information content helps focus the customer’s attention on the most important details.
  • There’s an ability to add goods by barcode or product name.
  • You can customize any product classification in text or graphic form (due to the touch screen) and the buyer no longer needs to remember codes or product numbers.
  • The cashier does not waste time on weighing, which increases the throughput of each cash register.
  • A small number of selected products. There is no point and no desire to stand in a queue at a regular checkout when there are 2 or 3 items in the shopping cart. You can make a purchase much faster and save your own time due to the self-service system.
  • Receiving detailed reports on sales allows you to control the activities of the operator and analyze data in inventory systems.
  • The used POS makes it easy to reduce human errors because the weighting process is automated.
  • The device can keep data about lots of products.
  • A bright display shows complete information about the product (its name, price, weight, cost, and at the same time the state of the scales and the selected modes).
  • The lost work session will be fully restored in the case of abnormal termination of the current work session upon restarting POS.
  • The shop gets the loyalty of buyers who are directly involved in the checkout process.
  • The retailer receives an additional marketing tool: you can show multimedia content (videos about the store’s promotions or advertisements of its partners) on the screen.
  • Such a service can be connected to the store’s internal infrastructure and, for example, send information about weighed products directly to electronic shelf labels.
  • Long queues, especially during peak hours, are often a powerful annoyance. Sometimes it can even become an excuse to skip a purchase, so POS helps get rid of it.
  • The ability to personally control prices for goods. You can independently weigh chosen products at the checkout, view the total cost of the selected products and, if necessary, adjust costs.
  • The BitPOS software and self-test mechanism make it easy to find the cause of the malfunctions and quickly eliminate them.
  • Lack of interaction with cashiers. In some cases, buyers may be unhappy due to the speed of the cashier’s work. The POS provides greater autonomy.

It’s more profitable for a store with high traffic (hypermarkets or supermarkets) and a large area to install POSes (especially since their safety can be ensured using CCTV cameras). How to get the high-quality BitPOS software to ensure a decent level of speedy checkout? It’s recommended to get in touch with a reliable B2B company that empowers businesses with cutting-edge technologies, for example, the TemaBit. Such organizations use modern and combined solutions to get simultaneous and separate operating modes. 

The units with modern software present a better experience and allow the person to add goods via barcode or PLU. First of all, the chosen company will find out the basic client’s request and try to do all the best to make it real. Devices can display audio and video content. Advertisements can be shown on the screen and tell about new products and great offers. It leads to the average check increasing by motivating the buyer to spend more money in the store using the popular Up-sell and Cross-sell marketing approaches. The required company will help get the customer’s positive feedback and create comfortable conditions for all the clients.

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