How Can An Expert Increase Blog Audience In 2022? Paid And Free Traffic Channels

Blog Audience

It is already clear to everyone that the target audience of any niche is in social networks. With the advent of reels and direct chatbots, bloggers have opened up new opportunities to promote their brands. We will talk about them


Yes, the format is copied from TikTok. Similar tools have appeared on other sites: VK, YouTube, etc. And the point here is not in copy-paste but in the algorithms that provide additional traffic to the authors of the video.

A reel is a perfect tool for attracting a new audience, and most importantly, it’s free. Through it, you can increase coverage and attract a new audience through expert content. Nevertheless, this is not a panacea since the result will be seen in the context of 1-3 months with regular posting of content. The cost of the platform is zero, but for the creation of content, you will have to pay either personal time or personal funds to scriptwriters, video operators and editors.

I also want to mention that it’s not worth doing any content. It is necessary that it matches the theme of the blog, as well as analyze the content. For example, from the format entered, you can make a permanent heading.

Auto Funnel: Target + Chat Bot

These tools can be implemented in different ways.

1. Draw The Audience To The Lead Magnet

Previously, external subscription verification tools such as InstaSub or Teleport were used to attract an audience to expert blogs. They are still used to this day, and the results can also please, but there are several disadvantages:

  • The user needs to do several actions to get a lead magnet (go to another site – go to an expert account – subscribe – return to the site page – check subscription). It does not take much time, but some users are lost because they are too lazy to run around the sites.
  • The tool is easy to fool. Those who are tired of constantly subscribing to new experts enter the first nickname of the subscriber and take the material. The conversion seems to be read, but subscribers do not increase.

Today, you can implement a chatbot in direct Instagram and lead the user into correspondence. 

  • The user does not need to go anywhere; he remains in the social network. Conversion to a subscription with this approach increases to 70%
  • The tool cannot be fooled. The chatbot checks the subscription, so only those subscribed to the account will receive the lead magnet.

2. Attract The Audience To The Lead Magnet And Warm Up To Buying A Tripwire

This format will allow you to kill two birds with one stone:

  1. A) Grow your blog audience
  2. B) Recoup traffic costs

With this approach, the costs are paid off partially or entirely since the tripwire is bought by 6-15% of the cold audience. As a result, subscribers will come out for free, or their price will be a penny. Also, tripwire sales can be increased if you add a boost to the funnel, but I do not guarantee that it will work 100%

The trick is that this funnel is universal for any niche. It can be modified to continue warming up to purchase the main product. In this case, the yield to the webinar will be higher, and the payback will increase many times.

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