“They Will Go Bankrupt If Facebook And Instagram Are Banned From Us!”

Facebook And Instagram

Is There A Grain Of Truth In These Words?

No, although where the legs grow from is understandable – many see many zeros in online earnings and thousands of blog subscribers. Comparison of one figure with another provides the basis for forming such myths.

It was 10 years ago when Youtube was gaining momentum, and they said that for every thousand subscribers, a person is paid money. I didn’t understand marketing then, and I thought that this was true, and I wanted to jump from my 100-200-400 subscribers to 1000 and beyond quickly.

Social networks do not directly receive money from those who use them. After all, social networks are, in fact, accessible for every user. Unlike cable TV, we don’t have to pay a certain amount every month to consume content.

Money is earned thanks to the business operating through these platforms.

Analyzing this topic at a deeper level, one can understand that the first to suffer damage due to the shutdown of tools such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp (also from the Meta family) will be small and medium-sized businesses, as well as self-employed. Why?

Because these tools are a source of traffic and a channel for selling services, products, and consumer goods for various target audiences, this is not only about “into gypsies” and courses but also about local brands of clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, needlewomen, and even electricians who find their clients here and expand their reach for recognition of their brand even within the area of ​​their city.

In addition, Instagram and other social networks are a source of news, discussion, public opinion, and influence, and few people want to give up such a traffic channel for their ideas (we are not talking about business).

Remember how Telegram was “disabled”? But some structures at the top used it in personal correspondence and to bring some news to the attention. It was even funny, I remember, in 2020, it seems, to receive an email from an official source with a link to telegrams through (this is a service that allows you to bypass the ban on using Telegram) 

Now Instagram and Facebook are working with difficulty in Crimea, officially targeted advertising does not work there, and there are many other nuances. But it is possible to find a way out; people work through VPN and other formats and get clients through these social networks.

It is possible to deliberately slow down the work of these sites, which will complicate the uploading of content and, possibly, the inclusion of specific updates on our territory.

 Instagram sometimes gives a “light” due to a failure in the statistics (as even before all the events, it showed zeros in rils views) through the inability to broadcast live without interruptions and crashes, etc.

But What If They Still Turn Off Instagram And Telegram?

If we imagine that the worst-case scenario still comes true and several specific applications and sites cease to function on our territory, what should we do?

The critical thing to remember is that transformations and changes are a given and an inevitability. Once upon a time, people used newspapers to follow the news, read jokes, and train their brains with word puzzles. We can do this by holding a small box with almost no buttons in our hands.

Once upon a time, sales representatives traveled to houses and apartments to sell specific goods. Now, targeted advertising is catching up with us from different angles.

But there, certain truths that have been working for tens and even hundreds of years, which we now know as marketing, sales, triggers, etc. Human nature will not change; only the instrument of interaction between man and man for the sake of exchange can change.

By exchange, I mean the exchange of information for money, money for information, products for cash, etc.

By turning off Instagram, we will not die, and our businesses will lose it. We will transfer all knowledge of interaction with this platform, all understanding of Internet marketing and influencer marketing to other sources, even on VKontakte and classmates.

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