YouTube For iOS: Here’s Who Can Use The PiP


The Picture in Picture is also a convenient function for YouTube: here is who will be able to use it soon with Apple’s iOS devices and who, instead, will have to wait.

The YouTube application for iOS introduces a change that will be particularly welcome to many users. More devices that take advantage of PiP technology, allowing you to continue viewing the videos hosted on the platform while continuing with its use or other apps. Who will be able to use the feature?

Although the picture-in-picture, we could define as the image in the image, is not completely new on iOS, the presence on the operating system of the feature has been rather fluctuating over time. Indeed, the introduction of the active thumbnail dates back to iOS 9 on iPad and iOS 14 for iPhone. Yet, since then the ability to play while performing other actions has appeared and disappeared from one update to another. Now, however, the release could be definitive even if it is still not able to cover the entire slice of the population that uses the devices of the bitten Apple on a daily basis.

PiP YouTube For iOS, Who Can Use It

A YouTube spokesperson provided the news to The Verge. The function, according to the statements provided, would be becoming definitive but, at least in the first instance, only for a segment of the public. In fact, only American users will enjoy the picture-in-picture on a permanent basis.

All this will happen using the native application for iOS, like what already happens for users of devices with the Android operating system. So, once you start playing a clip through the app, the owner of the smartphone will have the opportunity to continue browsing, without suffering the age-old block that normally occurs on these occasions.

PiP YouTube, When It Arrives On iOS

While no firm date has been provided so far for the feature’s fixed rollout, the company has reported that this will affect all users, regardless of whether or not they subscribe to a YouTube Premium membership. For now, however, only the subscribers of the latter type of account will have the opportunity to be the first to take advantage of this convenient addition, since the platform has already started to release the necessary changes for them.

Subsequently, then, the other users of the application created for Apple will be involved, that is, those who use the app and view the contents for free. At the moment no further information has been communicated for the rest of the world but this does not exclude that in the future this element is extended to the remaining nations of the globe.

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