The New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Has Arrived: The Best ebook Reader Ever


The New Kindle Paperwhite debuts, which for the first time is doubled: here are the
hardware and software innovations of the best ebook reader ever.

Amazon has formalized the new generation of Kindle Paperwhite. “I Kindles,” in the
plural because, for the first time, Paperwhite is doubled: the unpublished variant
Signature Edition makes its debut, which differs from the “standard” for richer
equipment, despite the basic technical system being identical.

Beyond the new technical features, the new Kindle Paperwhite also breaks with the
past for a new user interface that Amazon has designed to make reading with the
Paperwhite more “friendly” and rational. Renewed that benefits from filters and
classifications, the new section “Collections, “a smartphone app that now allows
more accessible association between devices and settings that finally become more
accessible since just a touch anywhere in the display. Here are the details of the
two new Paperwhites.

New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: How They Are

The new Kindle Paperwhites have a 6.8-inch display with anti-glare surface treatment so that they can be used without problems even outdoors in conditions of intense ambient light, typically in direct sunlight. The hue of the backlight is
adjustable according to your needs.

This is the Kindle Paperwhite with the giant screen that Amazon has ever made.
Despite the larger diagonal, pixel density has been kept at the value of 300 pixels
per inch (PPI) not to affect the text’s definition and readability. Compared to the
past, it improves the brightness ( by 10%), the bezels around it have been reduced
to 10.2 mm thick for a more modern look.

The new Kindle Paperwhite also has more powerful hardware that allows, according to
data declared by Amazon, to turn the page more quickly, with speed faster than 20%.
Despite this, the company states that these are the Kindle Paperwhites with the
highest autonomy ever: according to internal tests, you can reach ten weeks of
readings with a single full charge. In comparison, the previous generation did not
exceed six weeks.

There is a USB-C input for data transfer and charging, which is also fast: thanks
to the compatibility with 9-watt chargers, the process ends in two and a half
hours. There is IPX8 certification for liquid resistance.

8 GB of internal memory for Kindle Paperwhite, while there are 32 GB available to
the user in the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition variant, along with wireless
charging and front light with automatic adjustment, therefore able to adapt the
brightness of the screen to the lighting conditions.

New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Availability And Prices

The new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite range starts from the 139.99 euros needed for the
variant with advertising, while it takes 149.99 euros for the one without. The
Signature Edition exists only without advertising and costs 189.99 euros.

The pre-orders for the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite are already open. Still, the
first units will be distributed from October 27, and you must wait until November
10 for the Signature Edition. Anyone who buys one will receive a 3-month
subscription to Kindle Unlimited included in the price.

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