OnePlus Nord CE 5G: The New Medium Smartphone Has Fast Charging

OnePlus Nord CE 5G

A new mid-range 5G phone is on the way: it’s a OnePlus, and hence, it has fast Warp charging.

OnePlus will soon launch its new model, OnePlus Nord CE 5G. The mid-range smartphone has among its flagship features the battery with support for fast charging. Between promotion via social networks and online shopping sites, here are the already known specifications of this device.

With an announcement spread through its Twitter profile and a large revealing promotional box on the Amazon India website, the company presented the first gluttonous details on the device coming to the Indian market. To create greater interest around the mobile phone, a few hours after the official launch, a competition focused on price has even been created: those who can guess it, by sending their answer in the dedicated section of the Jeff Bezos portal, will be able to grab one of the OnePlus copies. Nord CE 5G who have transformed the Warp Charge charger into a valid strength.

OnePlus Nord CE 5G, Charging, And Other Features

And it is this charging mode that has ended up in OnePlus’ Twitter: “ A bigger battery deserves an even better charger. So we made one. Warp Charge 30T Plus improves power transfer to bring Nord CE’s 4500 mAh battery from 0 to 70% in just 30 minutes, ”the manufacturer’s account reads. Not only a considerable size of the accumulator but also a charger capable of guaranteeing a speed that could give good satisfaction to the user.

There are also the revelations of the video teaser, including the thinner design compared to its previous version, and a triple module camera with 64MP primary sensor and LED flash, a detail that emerges instead from Amazon. It is worth underlining, albeit evident, the 5G connectivity, another factor in favor of this device.

There is also a further list of specifications, coming from some rumors published on the net but not confirmed. Specifically, it is information about the screen, a 6.43-inch AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate and hole-punch dedicated to the front cam housing.

To this, we add the detail of two other fundamental elements, namely the processor and the RAM available on OnePlus Nord CE 5G. The advances speak of an SoC produced by Qualcomm in the Snapdragon 750G model, accompanied by a 12GB RAM cut.

OnePlus Nord CE 5G, When The Opening Of The Sale?

The event that will bring OnePlus Nord CE 5G into the spotlight is scheduled for 10 June at 7 pm local, or our 15.30, at which time the price that is now at the center of the contest to participate in will be revealed from the page on the shop. . From the following day, it will then be possible to carry out pre-orders pending the opening of sales for the Indian market, the target of the operation, set for the 16th of the month.

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