How To Use Google Hangout For Video Conferencing And Visual Chat

Google Hangout

Google Hangout is an application that allows you to make video calls and conference calls and visual chats with your friends. To use Hangout you need to have a Google account.

Hangout Tutorial: How To Video Call Your Contacts

The Google Hangouts are video virtual gatherings, useful to discuss “face to face” with a max of 10 people. It is a sort of virtual square created by Google where you can communicate directly and for free with your contacts and friends.

Video calls can be public, as through a particular type of Hangout (Hangout On Air) there is an audience that sees the videoconference through the YouTube channel and can interact by writing comments and asking questions.

Therefore There Are 2 Types Of Hangouts

“Simple” Hangouts that are carried out on Google Plus and remain on this platform, Hangouts On Air which are those that are broadcast simultaneously on Google Plus and YouTube, and at the end of the videoconference, they remain on the YouTube channel to be viewed after the end of the live event.

Hangouts allow you to host up to 10 people within the video call (1 host + 9 guests) and if they are Hangout On Air they can have an unlimited audience, which interacts with the comments on the YouTube channel.

Hangout can be up to 8 hours long and can also be recorded in HD if the right equipment is used. So the Hangout isn’t necessarily that grainy, bad-looking video, but it can be done on a more professional level.

How To Create a Hangout And Video Call Your Contacts?

To open a new Hangout follow these directions.

Select the people you want to “talk” with.

Here are 3 ways to find the people you want to invite:

  • Scroll through the Hangout list
  • Click the ‘+’ button located at the top of the Hangout list and type the invitee’s name or phone number (or address if you only know that)
  • Search your Google Plus circles using the search box located at the top of the Hangout list. Click the gray checkmark next to the person’s name or an entire circle. Repeat the steps for all the people you want to invite to the event (up to a maximum of 9). Click the button depicting the camera.

How To Enter The Hangout?

Getting into the Hangout is easy. If someone invites you to a Hangout, “(Name) is in hangout” appears on your screen. The invitation to this type of videoconference can also come via a notification on the Google Plus profile or a chat message.

To Participate In a Hangout You Must Therefore Follow These Instructions

  • Tap the post of the person who organized the Hangout.
  • Click on “Enter Hangout”.
  • Check the camera’s microphone and video settings.

When everything is ready click on “Hangout”. Entering the Hangout you can see at the top all the photos of the profiles of those attending the live event.

Hangout Allows You To Share Documents, Images, And Files, And Edit Them Live

Hangout allows users to connect and communicate with their colleagues and friends in multi-user video rooms. Hangouts can therefore be created to hold company meetings, to discuss a particular “topic of interest”, to raise a problem, or just and simply for a video chat with several people at the same time.

Hangout allows you to share the screen of your PC so that other people invited to the Hangout can also see it. You can choose to share any open window on your PC. Choose to share the files placed in the “Google Drive” folder and collaborate to write notes on meetings or draw on a shared whiteboard.

Hangouts restore a human dimension to web communication

Using Hangout is like throwing a party and inviting people over. For those who have an activity that they want to promote on the web, it means doing a real live event.

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