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In This Article, We Will Give You a Complete Guide On How To Create a Public Or Private YouTube Channel. Here’s What You Need To Do To Get a Good Result.

Whether you are a lover of Western cooking, teaching languages, ​​or any other activity, spreading your knowledge to an online audience, potentially almost all over the world, is a goal that for many years they have set themselves, both to share a hobby than for profit. Let’s see together step by step, through this simple vademecum, how to open a YouTube channel from scratch.

Preliminary Steps For Creating a YouTube Channel

The first step to creating a new YouTube channel is to log into your Google account. In case you don’t have a Google account, you will need to register. Connect to the main page of Google through your search engine and click on ” Sign in”, at the top right, and then select ” Create an account”. Proceed with entering your personal data including name and surname, username.

As an option, if you don’t want to create another email address but want to link this Gmail address to an existing one, click on ” Use my current email address instead”. Proceed by entering a password, easy to remember and difficult to guess, and click on ” Confirm “, then ” Next”. You can now enter your date of birth and your “gender”.

The ” Next” button will take you to check the item that makes you accept the terms and conditions of Google, now you can click on ” Create account “.

Create a YouTube Channel From PC

Now, go to YouTube and begin to familiarize yourself with your account by moving the platform to personalize your own virtual reality, starting with a load of your photo just click on the icon of the round shape of your account. Always at the top right, where you notice the small square, click and then go to ” Create channel”> “Start”.

Your new screen will show you ” Select” and then ” Use your name” to create a channel associated with your name. Now attach a presentation photo of yourself via ” Upload picture” and proceed with a description of yourself via ” Channel Description”,  which highlights qualities or characteristics that deviate you from the average or otherwise capture attention.

Add through links to any other platforms that you already exist or that you can create later, selecting your preferred way to interact with the home screen audience.

The difference between a corporate channel and a normal one is that the former must be created after creating the personal one.

So, if you want to create a company profile, after creating a classic one you can click on the button at the top left “☰ and choose ” Settings”, now go to ” Account” and then on ” Your YouTube channel” to click on ” Add or edit your channels “. With the company profile, you will have the possibility to add colleagues who can help you in managing multimedia content.

The new page will allow you to go to “Create a new channel”, by entering the name in question. Click on “Brand Account Name “ and then” Create “, and There you go.

How To Open a YouTube Channel From a Smartphone

If you prefer to create your YouTube channel from your smartphone, you will have to follow a different procedure. Go to the Play Store and download the YouTube app. Just know that the app is not usable in case you want to create a company profile.

Proceed as in the case of the PC, by clicking on the top right, then on ” Sign in” and select your ” Google account”, now click on the ” photo” and click on ” Your channel”.

Proceed as usual by entering your details and click ” Create channel”. And that’s it. In both cases, creating a YouTube channel is free.

How To Choose The Name For The YouTube Channel

Play with words, the name will be your digital identity passport through which to remember and talk about you. Brand naming is the marketing industry that is responsible for analyzing the world of names, behind which lurks not just a set of letters tied with meaning, but dynamic energy from the huge potential.

If you are intrigued in finding good advice, you can read some articles about it; otherwise, I suggest you take a pen and paper (it stimulates creativity more than a screen) and put down all the words (even onomatopoeic) that come to your mind along with feelings, proper names or other.

The right name can, for example, summarize the sector of your business together with the salient characteristic that differentiates you from the average. In any case, give priority to the signifier (the external part of the word, therefore the sound and the image it produces).

Use words that are mostly short, euphonic (sounding nice), or conversely creating a dissonance to grab attention. There are many parameters to take into consideration, it all depends on your taste and the type of target you intend to target through multimedia production on the big screen.

How To Create a Private YouTube Channel

After having seen how to create a classic or corporate account, it can also be useful to give information on how to create a private YouTube channel. As in the case of creating a corporate YouTube profile, create a normal profile and then change the privacy settings to manage the visibility of the contents. Go to the top left, click on “☰ and press ” Settings”. Move to “Privacy” to move the lever according to your preferences.

Now, you can also change the visibility of your channel’s playlists and videos. To do this, search for your photo and select ” YouTube Studio” from the menu, click on ” Video” to view the full list of all your uploaded videos. If you want to hide a ” Playlist”, also from “YouTube Studio”, click on Playlist and go to ” Edit”. Search now for the ” Private” choice via the drop-down menu.

How To Create a Shared YouTube Channel

Finally, there is the shared mode. If so, you can add third parties as collaborators as long as it’s not a corporate channel. Having said that, connected to the main YouTube page, click on the photo and click on ” YouTube Studio”, then go to ” Settings” > “Permissions” > ” Invite”.How to grow your YouTube channel

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Why should people follow me? This is the main question you should ask yourself before starting a channel, whether you do it for passion or, especially, for work. Promote new content or broadcast it in a different and engaging way.

Work out in mind, or rather on paper, a mini-draft together with a prediction that summarizes the purpose of creating your channel, therefore the reason, your mission, and the numbers you would like to achieve.

In this regard, try to be constant in multimedia publishing, when you have downtime create more videos to spread over the most demanding times, creating a weekly or monthly schedule.

To ensure that your proposal is original, see if and how the topic you want to propose has already been dealt with and try to take inspiration while having respect for not replicating the exact same contents of others.

If you simply like the idea of ​​entering this world but you still don’t have the how in mind, you can approach the YouTube camera as a film reviewer, (Italian and non, television series are very popular), video games, products cosmetics, books, shops, restaurants.

It will be your only way to make yourself known and appreciated. Get familiar with other colleagues’ YouTube videos and online texts or mini-guides, word of mouth from people who have done it before you is undoubtedly a winner. Make sure the camera is still and the image quality, as well as the video, are optimal.

Then choose an environment (it can be the same or vary according to the circumstances) where you can film in complete tranquility: it can be your bedroom, the living room, a garden; logically, depending on the formal or informal tone of the topics covered, you will make the right choice.

Practice editing through tutorials; if you are a beginner, you can use the free program that your PC already comes with: on Mac it is iMovie and on Windows, it is Movie Maker. Once you get used to it, you can move on to more complex applications. Remember, if you add music to your videos, do not select those protected by copyright, alternatively, you can request permission from the composer.

The same thing goes for the images: you can take them easily and free of charge, for example from Pixabay or other platforms created ad hoc; in case you want to get them from Google always remember to select appropriate images by ticking the appropriate license.

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