Social Media Marketing: Modern Word Of Opening For Your Business

Social Media Marketing

These days the now social media marketing is important for any business. The way we communicate online is changing. It is changing fast, very fast.

Large companies have noticed this for some time and are running for cover. The logo of the main social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has been appearing for some time in advertisements on all national television channels and beyond

Why It Is Important To Have a Company Profile On Social Media

A successful company can no longer have a static website or, as it was common to see until recently, a website with graphics that changed every year. Big companies have understood that consumers are online and are recreating contacts and relationships with their customers, even on social networks.

Online consumers are savvy and talk about your business, whether you like it or not. If you sell screwdrivers and a customer buys a set of the Phillips pattern, they might be happy with the purchase, take a picture of it, upload it to Facebook, and tag your business.

Social Media Marketing, Companies, And Word Of The Moment

What better word-of-mouth advertising can you hope to get? However, the opposite can happen. Screwdrivers are not what the customer expects and here he vents his disappointment on Twitter.

If you are present on Twitter, it is possible to respond quickly, apologizing and perhaps proposing the replacement of the goods, limiting the damage of negative advertising. If you’re not on Twitter, how can you find out about everything that is being said about your business and manage it?

Your corporate image may decline due to an online consumer dissatisfied with your products and/or services. The judgments, the reviews that online consumers give of your business are important.

In a clothing store, to buy any garment, the important parameters can be the quality of the fabric, check the measurements, try to wear it.

Everything changes online. Users who appreciate a specific item of clothing and testify to it on social media have laid a solid foundation for the reputation of the product and the company that sells it.

This is the link between social media and companies. The more your company social pages are visited and your products and services praised, the more you have the ability to respond quickly to negative feedback, and the more your brand is appreciated.

Reviews and ratings are also important for visibility on social networks. The more you talk positively about yourself and your products, the more your social page is placed at the top of the search engines of the social network itself.

Social media is a great way to boost SEO. They can make the difference between a site receiving three visits a week or three thousand. Social media marketing is worth investing in, think about it when thinking about how to allocate your company’s resources.


Twitter is a great tool for your business. Talk directly to customers, answer frequently asked questions, it’s fast. The hashtag or # function allows people to search by topic, which means you can follow your favorite niches and always be part of the conversation. The more the interventions of your company are useful, the more you are considered an “expert” in the sector.


Facebook is incredibly powerful. A great feature of it is that customers can post on your page or ” tag you “, but you can control what is said about you.

So if a customer posts a compliment it is possible to highlight, share and promote this positive comment. In the same way, if someone publishes a criticism, it is possible to intervene by trying to clarify the problem and proposing the return of the goods and the refund. The customer at the center of your project. The care with which you act with your users is good for your company and for those who read the comments. 

For the success of your online business, you must devote time and resources in the care of social media profiles, verify and update (with useful messages) your company profile on Twitter and Facebook. You can learn more about social media marketing by reading my other articles on useful tools for managing pages on social media and tips for growing your business using social media.

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