Digital Marketing: What It Is And Why It Is So Important

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the set of activities that use the web to develop their commercial network. So let’s talk about SEO (search engine optimization) SEM (search engine marketing) email marketing, Google Ads Adwords, etc …

You are an entrepreneur, your business is booming, you have some entrepreneurial experience gained over years of work but you don’t believe that the internet is a business opportunity and you don’t want to invest in digital marketing. You’re wrong and I’ll explain why.

The web is now our daily reality. From the youngest to the elderly, we all spend a few hours a day surfing the net. On the web you can do everything, find out where to go for dinner in the evening, what to buy, book hotels and airline tickets, medical examinations and much more. Every business sector can use the internet profitably.

Internet And The Digital Society

We live in a digital society where many of our actions and behaviors materialize with the use of the internet. And the development of social media tells us how the web is affecting our habits.

The people of the internet: how many are we? According to this study, about 90% of Italians connect to the internet regularly and 39% of Italians have at least one social profile.

The trend is destined to grow in anticipation of greater digitization of public and private services, and of the presence of new companies that increase the offer of products and services.

The upcoming advent of 5G will facilitate even more speed and interconnection of devices with each other.

A true digital revolution is underway.

Why Invest In Digital Marketing?

The Internet amplifies the visibility of companies, allows them to expand their territories, find new customers and new collaborations. Social Networks, blogs, forums, offer the possibility, thanks to the comments of visitors, to get to know the customer better, allowing companies to reduce costs for marketing and advertising surveys.

In fact, 10% of purchasing decisions are influenced by the internet, for a value that is around 60/70 million euros. The web lets us know the competition, it shows us how it moves, and this is an advantage for companies because they can improve their offer and optimize their digital marketing strategies.

The Advantages

Investing in digital marketing offers significant results at a much lower expense than carrying out a traditional marketing campaign. Here are the five benefits of digital marketing :

  • Competition: The web makes it possible to directly challenge one’s competitors. The added value of the products or services visible in the results of search engines, allows the user to choose based on the quality of the offer and above all, makes him perceive the strength of the company.
  • Measurability: In digital marketing, there are tools, such as Google Analytics, which allow you to monitor visits to the website and user behavior every day. For example, the progress of marketing campaigns on Google Adwords and social networks can be monitored. All this translates into a reduction in costs.
  • Availability: A website can be reached at any time, and the information contained therein is always available for online consultation by potential customers.
  • Interactivity: The interaction offered by the website involves the potential customer pushing him to comment on articles, participate in online surveys, request information or clarifications. The increase in the involvement of the potential translates into loyalty to the acquired.

What Are The Digital Marketing Strategies?

A good online marketing campaign involves the use of multiple tools and planning the timing and methods of implementation. The company can use a single tool, or all, this depends on the type of company, the market, the target, the competition, and above all the objectives. Among the web marketing tools :

  • SEO: optimization of the site to position it on the first pages of Google search results.
  • SEM: planning of paid advertisements with the Google Adwords tool.
  • SMM: use of social media marketing to get more customers and to retain them through social media.
  • DEM: customized company communications to the target, via email marketing (newsletters).
  • PR: the creation of blogs and forums to engage the customer.
  • LINK BUILDING: the creation of relationships with other sites in order to obtain citations (links) that refer to the company website. They help improve search engine rankings.
  • AFFILIATE MARKETING: the creation of partnerships with other sites to receive inbound links.

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