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Facebook Ads, “tailored” advertising, but also integration with the user experience.

This is the great promise made by social media like Facebook to their advertisers. Let’s see together how this promise is realized. You are a Facebook user you have surely noticed that on the right of your Timeline there is a column dedicated to advertising campaigns.

Do you have a company or are you a professional? Do you have a company Facebook page and want to organize an advertising campaign dedicated to your brand? You have landed in the right place (or rather in the “post”). 🙂 

Before going into detail on how to create an advertising campaign on Facebook, let’s see what advertising on the famous social network in blue consists of, the so-called Facebook Ads.

The Announcements

These are images and texts, which advertisers can use to give visibility to their company Facebook page or an external page such as, for example, their website. An advertisement consists of:

  • A specific landing page (fan page or site URL).
  • A title (up to 25 characters).
  • A part dedicated to the text (a description that can be up to 90 characters).
  • An image/photo related to the page of the product and service offered, which can have a format of 110 × 80 pixels.

To become an advertiser you must be registered on Facebook or with a user profile or with an advertising account, the latter dedicated to companies.

How To Start An Advertising Campaign On Facebook Ads

if the manager of a Facebook page you have noticed a link in the upper part of the right column (right sidebar) within the home page: “Create an advertisement”, clicking it opens a new page where the user can choose the type of advertising campaign he wants to carry out.

The page that opens has the title: “What kind of results do you want for your ads?”.

You can choose between:

  • Page Post Interaction: These are ads that highlight your posts and increase “ likes ”, comments, shares, video plays, and photo views. By double-clicking you enter this type of advertising campaign and you have the possibility to choose the Facebook page that you manage. Once you have chosen the page, you choose the post you want to sponsor. The last post on the page appears automatically, but clicking on the “>” symbol opens a window where all the titles of the posts shared in the last period are displayed. Alternatively, you can choose to create a new post on the page by clicking on the “+” symbol. After this part, click on “continue” and a new page opens where all the characteristics of the post are defined but, above all, the data of the target to be reached (place, age, sex, language, …) and the budget that you have available.
  • “ Like” on the Page:  With this option, you create ads to increase your audience on Facebook. You create a post where it is suggested to click ” like ” for your page. Also in this case it is possible to define all the characteristics of the audience to be reached and the available budget.
  • Website Clicks: This selection seeks to encourage people to visit your website. In this case, you are asked to enter the URL (the address of the web page) relating to your site. You can connect the Facebook page to the URL of the site through this type of function. The advertisement will send a link to the indicated site, keeping the origin from your Facebook page. You can choose the text to be included in the advertising post, as well as the audience you want to reach depending on the budget available.
  • Website Conversions: With this option, you create advertisements for the purpose of promoting specific actions that you want people to do (conversions). To activate this feature you will need to use a tracking pixel (this is a small piece of code that allows you to track conversions, such as purchases and registrations, on your website) of conversions to calculate your results.
  • Application installation: with this option you try to entice people to install your application on mobile and fixed devices. To access this feature, you must already have an application that you want to sponsor.
  • Interaction with the application: Encourage the use of your application.
  • Event Responses: Increase participation in an event. To access this function, you must first create the event and then sponsor it.
  • Request for offers:   Create offers for people to use at your online store. To access this function, the site must have specific characteristics.

The Advantages Of a Facebook Ads Advertising Campaign

Undoubtedly there are several advantages that you can have if you activate an advertising campaign on Facebook Ads:

  • Medium / low costs.
  • The high number of views (impressions).
  • Audience segmentation (gender, age, country, etc.)
  • Flexible budget management.
  • Instant, effective and precise monitoring of the results as they are obtained.

So what else are you waiting for, do you want to make your brand known? Keep your Facebook page up to date and start your Facebook Ads advertising campaign.

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