How To Manage Company Telephone lines Efficiently


The management of company telephone lines, in many areas, is a matter of fundamental importance. In fact, the success of the company business and, consequently, the company itself can depend on the correct coordination of internal and external communications of the company. In this article, therefore, we will see how the company telephone line is managed and, possibly, when it is appropriate to adopt a telephone switchboard.

Proper Management Of Company Telephone lines

In the world of production, and even more so in that of providing services, the management of corporate communications, both externally and among the employees of a company, is increasingly inclined towards forms of online communication. In any office, as we all know, e-mails, conference calls, and other forms of electronic communication have become part of everyday life. However, for speed and effectiveness, telephone communications remain an important cornerstone in the business environment.

Especially in certain work environments, where speed and efficiency are essential for the success of the company, the correct management of company telephone lines is of vital importance. So how do you manage a company’s phone lines?

How To Manage Company Telephone lines

As often happens, the first step for the correct management of company lines is directed towards the inside rather than the outside. In other words, before choosing the operator, the company telephony offers, the technologies, the ancillary services, it is necessary to focus on the real needs of the company. In particular, it is necessary to evaluate:

  • the business sector: a company that offers customer assistance, for example, will have much more important telephone needs than a company that deals exclusively with production;
  • company size: it may seem obvious, and in fact it is, but for a correct assessment it is necessary to take into account the size of the company; evidently, a small-medium enterprise has different needs than a multinational; attention, not necessarily smaller needs, but only different according to different parameters such as the company organization;
  • business organization: another issue is that which concerns the organization of the company in departments, divisions, offices; the greater the fragmentation, the greater the need for a company telephone line that can put the various departments in communication with each other and with the outside world;
  • particular business needs: special needs are added to the normal internal and external communication needs, such as establishing a toll-free number for assistance; in these cases, the analysis must be even more in-depth to intercept all the advanced solutions necessary for the company business.

Taken together, all these parameters allow you to draw a profile and then select the most suitable company telephone line management service.

The Management Of Several Company Telephone lines With a Company Switchboard

Based on this analysis, in fact, the need for a single incoming and outgoing telephone line may emerge, which allows the company to be in contact with its customers. In other cases, however, the need may arise to have multiple telephone lines, which allow the company – its individual departments – to make and receive multiple calls at the same time: in these cases, how to manage multiple company telephone lines? Here, then, comes the need for a company switchboard, that is, an apparatus – or, as we shall see, a virtual apparatus – capable of managing several telephone lines at the same time.

An even more advanced solution, in this sense, is that of virtual corporate switchboards. Thanks to this type of technology, through a single telephone line, it is possible to create a real telephone exchange that sorts calls to the various departments, offices, or sectors of the company.

What are the advantages of a solution like this? First of all economic, because it is possible to reduce management costs: a virtual switchboard, unlike a traditional switchboard, has no purchase costs for the equipment, no maintenance or upgrade costs. Again from the economic point of view, then, this kind of solution is flexible according to the real needs of the customer: therefore, there will be no risk of purchasing oversized or undersized equipment compared to the needs of the company, but it will be adaptable from time to time.

Secondly, the advantage is related to the additional services that this solution can offer. For example, thanks to a virtual switchboard it is possible to make video conferences, or it is possible to create a corporate messaging system. The virtual switchboard, thanks to convenient interfaces, can be managed both through company computers and through mobile devices. This means, among other things, that you can be reached inside at any time, even when you are away from the office, on your smartphone.

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