How to Make Your Crypto Blog Rank Higher

The rules for getting pretty much all blogs and websites to rank highly are fairly similar, except when it’s a niche blog that isn’t yet fully understood by the general public. These types of blogs take a bit of extra research, which we’ll get to shortly. For now, the point being made here is that crypto is a newer technology and so special attention needs to be given for the kinds of keywords newbies might be searching for as well as other features to ensure Google will love what you have to say, and how you say it.

Pay Special Attention To LSI Keywords

Here’s where that research comes into play. A Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keyword simply means similar terms someone might type into the search bar if they aren’t exactly sure of the word they are looking for. That’s perhaps the easiest way to explain what an LSI keyword is because they are often confused with long tail keywords, and they are not the same at all!

As an example, an LSI keyword for cryptocurrency might be digital currency. They are similar, but not the same. The term crypto comes from the Greek word for hidden or secret. So then, while all cryptocurrencies are meant to be hidden with the use of powerful encryption codes, all digital currencies may not be hidden, or crypto.

An example of a digital currency that is not crypto might be Central Bank Digital Currencies, CBDCs. Knowing that someone new to cryptocurrency might search for digital currency means it is a highly effective LSI keyword that could be used for crypto but the term crypto couldn’t be used as an LSI search term for CBDCs. The difference is clear and an important factor if you want your blog to rank well.

Tools And Educational Information

Another thing Google ranks highly for is informative content. If you are publishing a crypto blog, then any tools you can post or link to will be a major asset. For example, you could link to where there are multiple crypto-to-fiat converters. These are used so that anyone dabbling in crypto can get an idea of the relative value when compared with their fiat – national monetary currency.

If you want to rank highly, keep your posts informative but not overly techie because the average visitor will bounce right off something they need to work to understand. Those kinds of posts would do better on educational types of crypto websites because visitors land there expecting an in-depth study of the technology and anything pertaining to the blockchain.

Don’t Forget Your Mobile Audience!

Within the past decade, Google has emphasized the need for catering to a mobile audience. More people now perform searches from mobile devices than ever before. With that said, your blog must be responsive. If mobile users can see the information they need on a smaller, mobile screen as well as on a PC monitor, you’ve done your job and Google will reward you for it.

Actually, in the end it’s all about pleasing the Google gods. If you want your crypto blog to rank higher, take the time to learn what it is that makes Google happy and if Google is happy so, too, will you and your audience be happy as well.

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