Benefits Of Learning Korean

Learning Korean

Whether it is in their movies or the way they incorporate their language into their music or even in the pronunciation of their delicious staple delicacies, the Korean language is sure to be appealing to non-native speakers. If you have chosen to learn the Korean language (or maybe you aren’t even sure yet), here are some of the reasons you should right now. Ensure to read to the end as well because there would be some listings for a few great platforms that can teach the Korean language to beginners. So without any more delay – scroll down!

It Is Simple

One of the factors that stop many people from learning a new language is that it can be hard at times. Some people don’t even know where to start and when the list of basic words becomes a headache, they drop it and move on. Well, it is not like that here. If you have been privileged to be among native speakers, you would notice that it is easy to catch on to some of the words and remember them. Mom means Eomma (pronounced oma), Good Morning is Joh-eun achim (pronounced tun na chim), and Bye is annyeong (pronounced anio). From these examples, you can see how the words aren’t ambiguous or hard to pronounce – and this is because of the simplicity of the Korean alphabet. So if you are worried that this language will be one of those boring, difficult, and hard-to-learn languages, think again.

Become A Part Of Their Culture

Just by learning the language, you would be surprised how much more open to their culture you would be. Koreans are not just one of the most fascinating people in the world but they also keep and preserve their culture regardless of civilization. Highly known for their movies, songs, and TV series, it would finally be a relief to understand exactly what it is they mean in their conversations. Yes – there are subtitles. But you cannot deny that sometimes, it can be hard to follow the subtitles while watching. Some words can also not be well-translated for the full meaning. Not to mention that your songs don’t come with subtitles – you know how catchy those songs are. So if you just love Korean culture and want to be a part of them, try learning the language.

Impress A Korean

It is not just about Koreans! It is always impressive when a non-native can speak your language. There’s always something about it that makes you want to be close to the person – like the person has enough interest in you and your culture. That’s how it is when you learn Korean. Koreans travel all over the world and there is a huge possibility that they are either in your school or workplace, or they are even at the gym with you. So when you say Annyeonghaseyo (pronounced ah-new-ah-say-or) instead of ‘hello’, you have automatically made a new friend. Don’t forget how cool it is to have a Korean as your friend – their babyish face, cute smile, natural plum skin, and figures – it’s worth it!

Visiting Becomes More Fun

Do you go to school in Korea, work there, or are you just on vacation? No matter your reason for being on either the North or South Korean border, it is always better when you can speak your native language. There are other benefits under this section alone. Starting with the perks you get from vendors – knowing how to say ‘I want to buy-’ in Korean will immediately catch their attention and give you more noodles than you wanted. You would also be able to pronounce the foods better, understand tour guide information, and so much more. While schooling, you can get better rates for hostels if you live outside of campus, and your boss could favor you more when they know you are willing to be more intentional about your duties. Clients would also be drawn to you, and even more, compelled to work with you.

Fastest Way To Get A Job As A Translator

Do you want to work as a translator but you are unsure what language to learn? It’s Korean. Two reasons exist for this. The first reason is that the language is easier to learn than other Asian languages like Chinese, Japanese, or Indian. Therefore, the faster you can learn the language (which is less time than the others), the faster you can start working and earning money as an interpreter. It gets even better when you get a job as a private secretary for a rich, young Korean businessman. That aside, it is also fast because Koreans are one of the few Asian countries that go global with their business dealings and companies. To this effect, many of them require the need for someone to help them translate from their language to English. Note that there are roughly over 80 million Korean speakers all over the world. So with an estimate that 5% of this number can’t speak English – that’s about 4 million potential employers waiting at your door. So hurry – learn now.

How Can You Learn Korean?

Now that you are aware of these benefits, how can you start mastering the K-language? There are two ways; by yourself or with the help of some Korean teachers online. Either way, it is best to blend both methods for a quicker mastery of the language.

Learn Korean By Yourself

Below are the steps to teaching yourself Korean;

  • Start with the Hangul: The Hangul is the Korean Alphabet and it contains only 14 consonants and 10 vowels (easier than the English language). So what you need to do is download Hangul, and learn the symbols, the spellings, and the sounds that accompany them. Though it might take a while, flashcards can help you memorize them faster. To ensure that you truly remember them, scroll through Korean pages or look for movie posters and try to identify an alphabet.
  • Learn the Basics: When you are done with the alphabet, the next thing to do is to familiarize yourself with some of the basic, everyday words in Korean. Some of these words are used when greeting each other (good morning, hello, bye), or simple communication (sorry, please, thank you), or even to call people (friend, my love, mother, father, baby). You can also try some short action words like take, say, come, and go; as well as some reply words like no, yes, and maybe. By learning these words, you are a step closer to learning Korean.
  • Watch Movies and Take Notes: Usually overlooked, watching Korean subtitled films can help you learn Korean faster. All you have to do is listen to learn instead of just listening to enjoy. Start with a movie you love – one you are already familiar with and then watch it again. Follow every conversation and take notes of words with their meanings or sentences altogether. Then when you are done, go over them again and try to learn some of these words. There are some phrases or clauses that are sure to reappear more than one time throughout a movie like ‘where are you going?’, ‘go home’, ‘we need to go now’, ‘come with me’, and so much more. Take note of these phrases and they’ll stick quickly.
  • Speak it Often: The final thing you need to do is to engage in constant communication. What’s the use of learning a new language if you don’t speak it? But more than that, if you don’t exercise what you have learned, there is a big chance you’ll forget it. You need to always practice what you have learned. Some self-tutoring methods might include reciting it every day or writing them down. But it is always better when you interact with other native speakers or learners. If you live in Korea, this is not a problem. But if you don’t, this is where websites come in. Websites allow you to communicate with other native speakers and learners to foster better understanding.

Using Korean Teaching Platforms

The second step; which should be used alongside the first step, is to use a Korean teaching platform. These websites or apps are dedicated to teaching you Korean in a fun and educated way while also ensuring you learn the grammar and vocabulary of the language. Some of these websites offer quizzes, flashcards, games, fill-in-the-gaps, video lessons, group chat, and even audio voice-to-voice availability. The features could also either be paid or free.

Below are the platforms you can choose from to learn Korean fast;

  1. Memrise
  2. FluentU
  3. Talking2Koreans
  4. Go! Billy Korean
  5. Sejong Korean
  6. KoreanClass101
  7. Dom & Hyo
  8. Cyber University of Korea: Quick Korean
  9. Talk to Me in Korean
  10. How to Study Korean


Korean is truly a tempting language to learn. Besides that, you would get to be a part of their amazing culture, and you will also be able to have more fun, enjoying your visits and vacations. Korean is very easy to learn with its simple alphabet and easy pronunciations. This makes it a fast way to impress a Korean and also start earning as a translator or an interpreter for millions of native speakers. If these aren’t great enough benefits, what else are they? Go on now and start learning. Annyeong (Bye)!

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