The Best Video Editing Apps On Smartphones

Best Video Editing Apps

We have selected some applications offering advanced video editing solutions, even without paying subscriptions.

The smartphone is becoming an increasingly powerful multimedia center, which can be exploited for the most diverse purposes, even for very complex productions involving photos and videos. Many incredibly complete tools can be used to edit images and videos, which now approach the performance of professional software.

That type of solution, however, requires advanced knowledge in the field of photography or video editing. At the same time, today, we want to offer some suggestions for those who do not have technical skills but would like to improve their technique, even if only to create content for social networks that are more original and more captivating.

Today we are talking about 3 apps to download for free to edit your videos on smartphones, in a simple and fast way, to pass in a few minutes from an idea to shared content that can collect attention and success.

Attention only to a small detail: when we refer to free applications, we mean that all these apps can be downloaded without paying a budget, but in most cases, only some essential functions are offered for free: to take advantage of the more complex ones you need to buy the application, or pay a monthly subscription.

Number 1 – CapCut

It’s very popular with social creators and accessible, and unlike most apps, it doesn’t watermark your video download. Whatever you want to do, like putting a transaction between two clips, special filters, or stickers on the image, with CapCut, we can do it.

An exceptional feature concerns the green screen effect – the app automatically removes the background and gives the possibility to put an alternative one. With Capcut, we can also add automatic subtitles to videos, which is very convenient because it means that we won’t have to write anything by hand!

Number 2 – Inshot

InShot is a straightforward app with many functions to edit videos and add text, music, and filters. For example, with InShot, we can speed up or slow down parts of videos and even flip and rotate scenes, things that other apps don’t offer. Inside, many filters such as cinema, film, or vintage give a twist and a different light to our videos.

Number 3 – Magisto

Particularly suitable for creating creative stories with our videos, even with the help of pre-set templates. Magisto is an app for those who don’t have time (or maybe want) to edit manually but still want to give their videos an extra touch. Artificial Intelligence works for us; we have to choose a style, such as a traveler, fashion, country, add one or more videos and choose music among those available. “Magically,” the app automatically modifies the video that will be ready to share on our social channels. Not bad, right?

It must be emphasized that Vimeo owns Magisto. This video publishing platform represents a sort of YouTube for professionals: it can be assumed that the experience gained in the field has contributed to improving the proposal of this application.

Now you have to indulge yourself with your videos and tell your best moments with the help of these apps; if you then decide to do it with a compelling smartphone, the result will be even better. For example, we are taking advantage of Honor Magic 4 Pro or Vivo X80 Pro in this period. Still, there is always the certainty of the iPhone 13 Pro: when using a smartphone that does not guarantee very high shooting quality, it is time to take advantage of the special effects of one of these applications.

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