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Stakhanovite_ In The Cloud

The DLP-system “Stakhanovets” is necessary for the manager, IT department, HR and security service. The solution can predict layoffs, check new employees, and control working time efficiency. You quickly discover which employees are trying to steal confidential information or work for competitors, who are offering or taking kickbacks, who are about to quit, or who are wasting working time on social networks.

“Stakhanovets” is configured for different departments or individual employees; it is easy to install and use. You do not breathe down the neck of your employees, but you know how the company lives. The system will tell you who harms the organization and who should be promoted.

Advantages Of The DLP-system “Stakhanovets”

  • Economy. No capital costs for the purchase of expensive software, its maintenance and configuration.
  • Accommodation outside the office. The ability to host databases outside the office in TIER III class data centers (the highest level of data center security in Russia) and a foreign data center in the Netherlands.
  • Mobility. Access to work with the DLP-system “Stakhanovets” is possible from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.
  • Remote work. Ability to work remotely with the Stakhanovets DLP system from various devices, including mobile ones ( virtual desktop function ).
  • Warranty and security. No need to waste time on the maintenance of hardware and IT infrastructure; our specialists handle support and upgrades. Corporate data is encrypted, and only you can access it. 
  • Reliable backup. Regular backup, including to a foreign data center. 
  • Constant availability. Uninterrupted system operation, 99.982% SLA guarantee.

The Stakhanovets Software Package Is Capable Of:

  • Prevent information leaks
  • Identify risks in the actions of employees.
  • Identify factors that affect staff productivity.
  • Optimize internal processes and work models
  • cut costs

Rent DLP-System “Stakhanovets” And Hosting In The Cloud

Renting the Stakhanovets DLP system in the cloud under the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) scheme will allow you to use the software as a service with a monthly payment and provide full mobility. Now, if you have an Internet connection, you can work with the Stakhanovets DLP system in the cloud from anywhere in the world. Thus, there is no need to purchase expensive software, its constant maintenance and updating.

Hosting the Stakhanovets DLP system will ensure uninterrupted operation of the software, regular backups of databases of any size, and guarantee confidentiality and protection of corporate information.

The Hosting Service Of The Stakhanovets DLP System Is:

  • Lease of licensed software: DLP-system “Stakhanovets.”
  • Secure access and encryption (client receives encryption keys)
  • Possibility to choose a site for placement (Russia or the Netherlands)
  • Customized backup system

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