7 Businesses You Can Start with a Computer Science Degree

Computer Science Degree

If you’re a lover of all things computer science and see yourself as an entrepreneur, you may want to launch your own startup and be your own boss. Most startups are technology-driven, meaning computer science graduates will understand the processes better. When compared to non-technical individuals, a computer science graduate is more likely to make their startup a success too. Before you get to work developing your brand and launching it to the masses, here are some types of businesses you can launch with your computer science degree.

Software Development

As you’re aware, computers run on software. This means a large portion of any computer science program is knowing that software. Software can include everything from small game applications on a smartphone to a huge operating system. If you are passionate about software, why not put your degree to good use and launch your own software business? 

Whether you want to write practical software to help other companies with their day-to-day operations, or you like the idea of developing useful applications, the possibilities are endless. You may even wish to work with clients to devise specialist content for their needs. Whatever your goal, a software development startup can fill an array of needs in the market. 

IT Support

As each year passes, more and more people use computers and smartphones as part of their day-to-day lives. Because of this, users will need more help getting to grips with and maintaining their devices. While computers house a ton of knowledge and are useful in every aspect of life, they can be a real nuisance when they stop working. Some businesses have specialist IT staff to deal with issues, while smaller organizations tend to outsource their needs.

If you are passionate about helping others and love all things IT and tech, you may wish to launch your own IT support company. Because just about everyone uses a computer, you’ll have a wide pool of potential clients to work with. Whether you work with small, homegrown companies or large corporations, you’ll have no trouble finding clients who require your help. 

Web Development

All businesses need to create a strong presence online, which is what makes web development such a thriving industry to go into. Web development organizations can create, upload, and manage websites for clients. If this sounds like your field, you can offer additional services, such as SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing tactics to make a webpage more popular.

The thirst for websites is continuing to grow, which is why if you’re struggling with what startup to launch, a web development business may be the answer. During your computer science degree, you’ll have learned the basic skills needed to put up a website. However, with your major, you will have specialist knowledge of coding which can help in the design stages.

Games Development

While games development may be a risky startup idea, there’s plenty of opportunity for growth in this field. If you love all things gaming and want to turn your passion into a career, you can go down several routes. For instance, you may want to make app games or platform-based games that can be played on social media channels like Facebook.

For your games development business to work, your apps need to stand out from the crowd, and they need to be addictive and trendy. Make sure you provide options to reward players too. This can include coupon codes or exclusive offers. 


When you think of marketing, you may just see it as an aspect of a business. However, computer science can play a huge role in this field. After all, most new marketing strategies rely on online platforms and electronic media. If you have a computer science degree, this will teach you the skills and expertise to help clients up their online marketing.

You will have knowledge of various electronic tools that clients can use to enhance their brand. These include web development, email marketing, and social media campaigns. All three are mandatory components of effective marketing. 

Tech Tutor

During your time as a computer science student, the teaching you received may have had a profound impact. So much so, you may decide you want to aspire and teach future generations about all things tech. Tuition is highly in demand, so if you can create a business around it, you’re sure to reap the rewards and get clients. 

As well as teaching clients, you can provide your services to businesses, especially with training programs. They can be used to train new employees within a company. As long as you have excellent communication skills and are confident in your abilities, you can be on the way to forging a successful career as a tech tutor. 

Computer Security

In the computer world, cybersecurity is the most concerning thing. Most people have no clue what steps to take to keep themselves protected while browsing the web. Because of this, there’s a surge in demand for security service providers who provide security solutions. If you’re passionate about cybersecurity, you can go one step further and study for a master’s in computer science online from Baylor University. There is the option to study a cybersecurity course too which will teach you the ins and outs of the field and help you come up with strategies to protect yourself and others on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Once you’ve obtained the relevant credentials, you can provide services to clients, such as what anti-malware software to use and protecting personal data and information. 

It’s safe to say that computers have changed the way we live our lives drastically. Computers have a major impact on the way companies operate too. This means if you have a computer science degree, you’re ready to work in practically every industry imaginable! If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and believe you have what it takes to go it alone and run your own operation, there are plenty of profitable businesses you can launch with your computer science degree by your side. 

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