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In the 21st century, it is difficult to imagine a person who does not know what cellular communication or the Internet is. The Internet has become a part of the life of all ordinary people and without it is impossible to imagine the existence of people on earth. Thanks to the Internet, you can have access to everything, but the most important thing is that you can find any kind of entertainment there! In our article, we would like to tell you about one type of entertainment that has long been of interest to Indian residents – online lotteries!

What is a free online lottery for real money in India? The lottery is an organized gambling game in which the distribution of benefits and losses depends on the random selection of a number (or a named lot), which is usually indicated on a lottery ticket. Part of the funds deposited by the players goes to the lottery organizers, part is paid to the state in the form of taxes.

Now it is difficult to imagine people who do not know what it is or have never tried to try their luck with a lottery ticket. Online lotteries occupy a leading position in the entertainment market, second only to online sports betting and online casinos. Such a large increase in popularity has led to huge demand, and this, in turn, has led to the emergence of a huge number of sites around the world that are happy to provide their services for online lotteries.

First of all, it should be said that lotteries are one of the varieties of gambling, although far from the usual concept of “gambling”. Of course, the first reason for the popularity of lotteries is excitement. But there is a difference here from slot machines – people do not invest huge sums, but only spend a small amount of money to buy a ticket, while hoping to win some kind of jackpot, a large amount of money. And if you don’t win, then it’s not a pity — you spent a small amount of money on a ticket. Therefore, the main motive for buying a lottery ticket is to get a win without investing labor, without investing your own mental or physical costs.

People who have somewhat reduced criticism most often buy lottery tickets. Do not forget about luck: if you were given a lottery ticket, and it turned out to be a winning one, this is another option. But this rarely happens.

Security Of Online Lotteries In India

Many fans believe that it is safer to buy a ticket in a special place than to buy it online. But we want to assure you that online ticket purchase is much better, in fact, it is no different from a regular purchase. When playing online, you participate according to the same rules and with the same prizes. Many sites that provide online lottery services have an international license for their activities, so you should not worry about security!

If you still want to verify the authenticity of the site, then here are the crickets, which you should first of all study before buying a ticket online:

  1. SSL certificate. It must be provided by every user to encrypt the connection between the device and the site.
  2. Information about the company. Read the information about the company at the beginning of the terms and conditions, as well as search the Internet for information about open disputes and the reputation of the chosen playground.
  3. Support service. The feedback form alone is not enough. Look for sites with a support phone and live chat: the more ways to contact the company, the better.
  4. Look for complaints, not reviews. Of course, there can be a lot of good reviews about the company, but never forget to read bad reviews, because there is no such company that will suit every player 100%.

Choose Online Lottery Tickets!

Why do I need to choose online tickets? We have collected several reasons for you:

  1. You will not be able to lose your ticket. When you buy a paper ticket, you have a chance to lose it or ruin it (for example, tear it up). The electronic ticket cannot be spoiled, it will always be stored with you.
  2. Tickets are stored in your account on the lottery website. Another reason to buy an online ticket is that access to your account is protected and no one can steal or spoil it from you.
  3. The opportunity to view the history of the game. This is one of the most important advantages of online tickets because after reviewing your past games and the numbers that you then chose, you will be able to study them and choose more optimal values for you.

Free Online Lottery For Real Money In India

For Indian users, as well as for users from all over the world, many international companies provide online lottery services. This means that you, being in India, can very profitably buy a lottery ticket for yourself.  But to do this, you must be registered on the site. Registration is quite simple: you go to the official website, click on “Register”, enter all the data that will be required from everyone (enter your real data!), and confirm your registration with the “Done” button.

What do I need to buy a ticket? Buying a ticket for an online lottery is the easiest thing! Follow these steps:

  1. Choose a website for online lotteries that you like.
  2. Find a drawing that you like and for which you want to buy a lottery ticket.
  3. For a ticket, you must either choose the numbers that you like or use those that the website can offer you (at the same time they will be randomly selected for you).
  4. After choosing a ticket, pay for it. Different sites offer various payment methods.
  5. Wait for the draw you have chosen and try your luck!

The Best Sites For The Online Lottery!

Of course, there are a huge number of lottery sites now, but how can you choose what suits you among such a huge stream? To do this, we are rushing to the rescue! We have prepared for you the top best sites with a free online lottery for real money in India. The sites are fully checked by professional employees and have all the necessary licenses and certificates.


LottoLand is quite a well-known company for Indian residents, which provides online lottery services and not only. Probably the most famous fact about this site is that it also provides online casino services in India and has even created a platform for this. 

Lottoland has been one of the leaders in the lottery business for many years, providing users with favorable conditions and offers on its website. Fans of the company can always get nice bonuses from the site as a thank you for using LottoLand. The company has fame in almost all countries of our planet!


Lotto247 games and lotteries are something worth paying attention to. Lotto 247 is a very interesting way to occupy yourself and pass the time. You also have the opportunity to have a good time. Waiting for your numbers to win with the chance of a cash prize that will change your life is the ultimate tension and excitement.

Lotto247 is a great international website where you can enjoy the moment and find 14 different best lotteries from all over the world. There is also an additional bonus in the form of movies, sweepstakes, Instant games, and scratch draws, there is no time to be bored in Lotto247.

Lotto247 was founded in 2004, so it has a wealth of experience and a reputation as a safe and reliable company. Located in Cyprus, owned and operated by Secure View Services Limited.


Multilotto is also included in our list of online lottery sites that you should trust and pay attention to. By the way, this site has its official application, which is popular all over the world. Depending on where you live, you can access the site via or 

The company has been operating not so long ago, since 2012, but in such a short period the company was able to achieve universal recognition (thanks to its good and hard work in the market).

The peculiarity of the company is that the site acts as a betting company. It’s very simple: accept your bets on the results of popular lotteries around the world. Playing the lottery is similar to betting on sports, but instead of betting on teams, you bet that certain numbers will fall out in the lottery you choose.

The more numbers you guess correctly in Multilotto, the more money you will win, just like in the official lottery! 

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