How To Reduce The Cost Of Communication With Customers By 216 Times. Technology, Business Opportunities

Reduce The Cost

Modern technologies allow you to automate communication with customers in new ways. For example, through the application “Calendar”. We will talk about it in the article.

Why Is It An Effective Way Of Communication

  • The Calendar application is already installed on all smartphones. This means that you can cover groups without thinking about what is installed on the client, through which social network. Messenger to interact with it.
  • Subscription is carried out in a couple of seconds from any device.
  • Notifications are not lost in spam.
  • Calendar notifications come even if the phone is in airplane mode.

Why Does A Business Need A New Way Of Communication?

Modern customers “live” in a smartphone in the conditions of “information noise”:

  • Heavily overloaded with information: spammed, do not want to install additional applications.
  • Do business on the phone: plans, work, personal life.
  • They live in an accelerated rhythm: they solve different problems in parallel.
  • Some customers want to remain anonymous: they do not want to transfer data to companies.
  • With the transition to a remote work mode, additional distractions have appeared.

What Other Business Opportunities Does The New Communication Channel Provide?

  • Quickly build a database and inform it, increasing conversions to the right actions.
  • There is no need to figure out how to persuade the client to put something else on their smartphone.
  • The fastest possible implementation in business processes and scenarios for working with clients.
  • Highest deliverability of reminders.

What Are The Benefits For The Client?

  • You can quickly and permanently unsubscribe if the company is abusing attention.
  • You don’t need to install anything.
  • Do not miss really important information because of spam.
  • You can subscribe anonymously and receive notifications if you do not want to share data with companies.

Subscription Averages

  • Average conversion to subscription without obvious motivation: 14%.
  • Intermediate conversion to a subscription, if there is motivation, some bonus: 47.2%.
  • Average calendar unsubscribe rate: 5%.

How Customers Subscribe To The Calendar

The most common ways:

  • Universal single link for all devices
  • Button
  • QR code

How To Automate Work With Clients Through A Calendar

API methods allow you to integrate with any CRM, loyalty program, marketing management platform, etc.

The integration allows you to:

  • Automatically segment your customer base.
  • Automate the creation of reminders for different segments.
  • Automate the creation of reminders depending on the data received (the client bought, abandoned the cart, came to the webinar, etc.).
  • Create personalized reminders based on the client’s card.

Key Mistakes Of Interaction With Clients Through A Calendar

  • Do not give complete information: what the client subscribes to, what he will receive. It comes down to spam.
  • Send something other than what the client subscribed to. It’s also spam.
  • Don’t segment your customer base. People do not like to receive general information.
  • Do not study in detail the portrait of the client and needs. Many are not interested, for example, in general, in company news.
  • Abuse of the attention of the client – sending information too often.
  • Ignore the client’s time zone‚ÄĒdistribution at night.

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